In the course of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects that benefits 1.3 billion people of China, energy has a significant bearing on China's economic and social development. It is a long and arduous task to use sustainable energy development to support the sustainable economic and social advancement. The Chinese government will strive to address the energy problem properly to realize sustainable energy development.

Though China's energy consumption is growing rapidly, its per-capita energy consumption level is still fairly low -- only about three-fourths of the world's average. The figures for China's per-capita oil consumption and imports account for only one half and one quarter of the world's average, respectively, far below the level of the developed countries. China did not, does not and will not pose any threat to the world's energy security. China will continue to maintain its sustainable energy development and make it promote the sustainable development of the world's energy resources, thus making positive contributions to the world's energy security.

Peace and development remain the themes of our era. Pursuing peace, seeking development and promoting cooperation have become an irresistible trend of the times. With the continuous economic globalization, rapid advances in science and technology, quickened flow of the factors of production as well as the accelerated changes of industries, all countries and regions in the world have intensified their interactions. The world needs to strengthen cooperation to safeguard global energy security. China will, together with all other countries, make unremitting efforts to safeguard the stability and security of energy supplies in the world, strive to achieve mutual benefit, win-win and common development, and protect this home human beings share.