Salted Goose
1 goose (about 1000g or 2.4 lb) with the insides removed
100 grams (0.44 lb) salt
10 grams (1/3 oz) sectioned scallions
15 grams (1/2 oz) ginger chunks
5 grams (1/6 oz) Chinese prickly ash
5 grams (1 1/4 tsp) MSG


1. Put the goose in a basin. Use 100 g of the salt to rb its inside and outside and then marinate for 24 hours.Boil it until bloody foam comes out. Take out and wash clean.

2. Put fresh water in the pot, add the remaining salt, scallions, ginger (crushed to soften it), and Chinese prickly ash along with the goose and bring to boil. Skim off the foam, put on the cover and simmer over a low fire for 45 minutes. Turn off the fire but leave the pot covered for 1 hour. Take out the goose.

3. Cut the goose into 4 portions and place in a soup bowl. Use the original loquid and add boiling water at the ratio of 1 to 2 make a soup. Add the MSG and pour into the soup bowl with the goose in it to submerge the goose. Let it cool off.

4. When serving, take the goose out of the soup, cut into chubks 5 cm (2 inches) long and 1 cm (0.4 inch) wide.

Features: Rich but not greasy. The meat is really tender.
Taste: Salty.

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