Policy Updates
- China cracks down on suspect television ads
TV shopping ads will be banned from broadcasting on satellite channels between 6pm and midnight nationwide from next year.
- Law will guard journalists' right to know
The regulation that takes effect Dec.1 mandates that government spokesmen be accountable to the media.
- To set up insurance company in County
The Guangdong bureau of CIRC announced that they were planning to set up insurance companies at Xiaolan county, Guangdong.
- Later hotel check-out time gets mixed reception
Some city hotels have agreed to later check-out time from this week, while others are worried the practice may adversely affect arriving guests.
- KTV commercials considered: official
Some Shanghai karaoke bars may soon show commercials between songs to make up for increased costs from music royalties.
- China passes armed police law
China's top legislature passed the country's first law on the armed police, giving the force new duties and statutory authority to respond to security emergencies.
- Regulation on environmental evaluation
China's State Council passed a draft regulation on environmental evaluation over new projects to prevent pollution or ecological destruction from the beginning.
- China ends tax breaks on tobacco advertising
Chinese tobacco companies have been banned from claiming tax breaks on advertising, promotional and sponsorship spending.
- China's new policies to spur used car sales
China's second-hand vehicle market is expected to get a new lease of life with a slew of policies likely over the next few months
- Central bank reiterates credit policy stance
Central bank reaffirmed it will stick to its moderately easy monetary policy to consolidate the country's economic recovery.
- Controls on banks' derivatives business to be tightened
China would tighten rules on domestic banks' derivatives operations after financial institutions suffered losses.
- Media openness policy after Xinjiang riot
China would maintain its media openness policy after Xinjiang riot last month.
- Carpooling fine raised to 100,000 yuan: Beijing
Carpooling in Beijing will soon be grounds for a fine of up to 100,000 yuan ($15,000), according to new road laws approve by the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People's Congress.
- Foreign teachers' pay reviewed
New guidelines have been released on salary levels for foreign teachers employed by China's higher education institutions.
- Subsidy policy to spur commercial vehicle market
The government's subsidy plan for trade-in vehicles is expected to spur stagnant commercial vehicles sales in the following months.
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