Concluding Remarks

The rapid development of China's Internet industry benefits from China's policy of reform and opening-up, from the sustainable development of the Chinese economy, and from advanced global technology and experience. The development of the Chinese Internet industry has greatly promoted the development of China's science and technology, economy, politics, society and culture, as well as the enhancement of the social civilization and the well-being of its people. The Chinese government will continue to promote Internet development, and encourage the use of new technology in providing new services and meeting the growing diversified needs of the people.

The Chinese Internet industry is still in a state of rapid expansion, with new situations and new problems emerging constantly. The Chinese government will stick to the basic principle of administering the Internet in accordance with the law, try to follow the nature and law of development of the Internet in the light of the national conditions, and promote the scientific development of the Internet with effective administration so as to contribute to the development of the Internet worldwide.