The CPC and the Chinese government have been making great efforts to combat corruption and build a clean government, which has yielded notable results. Practice over the past few decades has proved that the path of combating corruption and building a clean government with Chinese characteristics conforms to the fundamental reality that China is still in the primary stage of socialism. It also conforms to the wish of people of all ethnic groups in China as well as the rule in fighting corruption and safeguarding integrity. We believe that, with the constant improvement of and progress made in China's socialist market economy, socialist democracy, legal system, society and culture, the CPC and the Chinese government will, relying on their own strengths and the support of the Chinese people, minimize crimes of corruption. The prospect of combating corruption and building a clean government in China is bright. x It is the common aspiration of all humanity and the common task faced by all governments and parties to combat corruption and safeguard integrity. It is also the basic policy of the Chinese government to strengthen international anti-corruption exchanges and cooperation. China will continue to play a positive role in international and regional anti-corruption exchanges and cooperation and endeavor, together with other countries, to build a clean, just, harmonious and fine world.