Today, the impact of the global financial crisis still exists, and developing countries, especially the least developed ones, are still confronted with the tough task of poverty reduction and development. The international community should mobilize more development resources to strengthen South-North cooperation, support South-South cooperation and promote economic and social development of developing countries to eliminate poverty worldwide.

China is endeavoring to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and stays committed to realizing the Chinese Dream of national prosperity and renewal, and happiness of the people. China will follow the trend of the times, which is peace, development, cooperation and win-win result, keep to the righteous viewpoint on justice and interests, respect and support developing countries' exploration of development paths suited to their own national conditions, actively promote South-South cooperation and make concrete efforts to help other developing countries promote social and economic development.

China will continue to increase the input in foreign assistance, further optimize assistance structure, highlight key aspects, innovate assistance means, raise the efficiency of capital utilization, effectively help recipient countries improve their people's well-being and enhance their capability of independent development. China is willing to work with the international community to share opportunities, meet challenges, strive to realize the world's dream of lasting peace and common prosperity, and make greater contribution to the development of mankind.