I. Goals and Principles of Development

China lays store by the construction of the BDS, ranking it one of its national key technical projects that supports its innovative development strategy.

(I) Goals of Development

Building a world-class navigation satellite system to meet the needs of the country's national security as well as economic and social development, and providing continuous, stable and reliable services for global users; developing BDS-related industries to support China's economic and social development, as well as improvement of people' s living standards; and enhancing international cooperation to share the fruits of development in the field of satellite navigation, increasing the comprehensive application benefits of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

(II) Principles of Development

China upholds the principles of "independence, openness, compatibility and gradualness" in the BDS construction and development.

- By "independence," it means to uphold independent construction, development and operation of the BDS, and acquire the capability to independently provide satellite navigation services to global users.

- By "openness," it means to provide open satellite navigation services free of charge, and encourage all-scale, multilevel and high-quality international cooperation and exchange.

- By "compatibility," it means to enhance BDS compatibility and interoperability with other navigation satellite systems, and encourage international cooperation and exchanges, so as to provide better services to users.

- By "gradualness," it means to carry out the BDS project step by step, enhance BDS service performance, and boost the development of satellite navigation industry in a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable manner.