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Myanmar people flooding in China due to war

Suicide attack kills 17 in NW Pakistan

S Korea, DPRK resume family reunion talks

US Senator Edward Kennedy dies

S Korean satellite fails to enter target orbit

Obama reappoints Bernanke as Fed Chairman

Netanyahu meets Brown over Jewish settlement

Huge explosion kills 36 in Taliban birthplace

Wildfires in Greece mostly under control

China, Singapore hold 6th joint council meeting

Iraq arrests mastermind of truck bombings

Marvelous aerobatics show at MAKS, Russia

Wildfires force hundreds to flee near Athens

Wildfires reported in Greece

Pakistani president encourages Chinese to invest in Pakistan

Lockerbie bomber being released to die in Libya

Somali insurgent groups retake towns from gov't forces

Kim Dae-jung's coffin moved to National Assembly memorial altar

Blasts in Baghdad kill 97

Afghans cast votes amid tight security

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