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Chinese Idioms 成 语

Lesson 13
Dōng shī xiào pín
【东 施 效 颦】
Dongshi Furrows Her Brow

A long time ago, there lived a beautiful maiden, Xishi. Her beauty was peerless. But she was stuck by heart trouble, which caused her great pain. So much so that she held her hand to her chest and furrowed her brow when she walked.
Now there was an ugly woman who lived in the neighborhood. One day, she saw Xishi walking in the village street, with her hand on her chest and furrowed brow.
She was so in awe of Xishi that she decided to imitate Xishi's walk, not realizing that this only made her even more ugly.
She looked so hideous that people shut their doors as she walked by, and pulled their children away from her.

jīng xiăo guài
To be alarmed at something apparently normal; to make a fuss about nothing
shā fēng jĭng
To spoil the fun, mar the pleasure
Xiăo niăo rén
A term of endearment typically used on a loveable child.
Xiăo cháng

Small or narrow-minded

Huŏ shàng jiāo yóu

To pour oil on the fire; to make matters worse

Huŏ hăi dāo shān

A sea of flames and mountain of swords – describes severe trials and tribulations