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How to Read Chinese Menus 读 菜 单
Lesson 20
 Dāo xiāo miàn
1 刀 削 面
 Noodles cooked by whittling off the dough into the boiling pot, popular in north China's Shanxi Province
 Zhá jiàng miàn
2 炸 酱 面
Noodles served with fried bean sauce
 Yáng chūn miàn
3 阳 春 面
 Noodles in plain sauce
 Dǎ lǔ miàn
4 打 卤 面
 Noodles served with thick gravy as sauce
 Dān dān miàn
5 担 担 面
 Noodles served with a very spicy hot sauce (Sichuan flavor)
 Hǎi xiān miàn
6 海 鲜 面
 Noodles with seafood
 Niú ròu miàn
7 牛 肉 面
 Noodles with beef
 Jī sī miàn
8 鸡 丝 面
 Noodles with sliced chicken