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Lesson 1
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The method of using this crossword form is quite straight forward, and will be clear if you have ever done an English crossword. Here are just a few tips for readers on how to use the form most effectively.

· There are two types of boxes in crosswords, black and white. You only need to fill in each white box with a character or Pinyin equivalent. The black boxes can be ignored.

· Read the English clues and find the words or phrases that you are certain about before searching for other words.

· Complete the longest word or phrase as soon as possible, as more clues and links will result.

· Be brave and imaginative; guess possible words using the shared characters you have already filled in.

· Try to make use of any associations to complete the gaps that you have left, or have discussion with friends.

· Some different solutions may be found, for sentences in particular, as far as the alternatives do not affect other words.

· Some words can be used for more than once in different occasions.













4 A sentence to say that little Wang is thirty-years old this year
8 An institution that teaches and examines students in many branches of advanced learning
10 The date of Chinese National Day
11 The second day of the weeked


1 A question usually used to ask the age of a child
2 A respectful, but informal way of addressing a senior
3 The coming year
5 The first school for children from around five to eleven years of age
6 Today
7 The number of days in a year
9 Day of a person's birth

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