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qí tā ròu lèi
其它肉类 Other Meat

茶树菇炒鹿片 Sautéed Venison Filet with Tea Tree Mushrooms
馋嘴蛙 Sautéed Bullfrog in Chili Sauce
笼仔剁椒牛蛙 Steamed Bullfrog with Chili Pepper
泡椒牛蛙 Sautéed Bullfrog with Pickled Peppers
麻辣玉兔腿 Sautéed Rabbit with Hot Spicy Sauce
炸五丝筒全蝎 Deep-Fried Rolls with Five Shreds Filling and Scorpion
酸辣蹄筋 Hot and Sour Beef Tendon
温拌腰片 Spicy Pig Kidney
鱼腥草拌米线 Special Rice Noodles
辣味红扒鹿筋 Spicy Deer Tendon

爽口碧绿百叶 Tasty and Refreshing Ox Tripe
炸炒脆鹿柳 Deep-Fried Crispy Deer Filets
水煮鹿里脊 Sautéed Deer Tenderloin in Hot Chili Oil
山城血旺 Sautéed Eel with Duck Blood Curd
红烧家兔 Braised Rabbit
红烧鹿肉 Braised Venison in Brown Sauce
炸麻雀 Fried Sparrow
麻辣鹿筋 Braised Spicy Deer Tendon

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