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dòu fu lèi
豆腐类 Tofu

彩虹蒸豆腐 Steamed Tofu with Vegetables
豉香尖椒炒豆干 Sautéed Dried Tofu with Hot Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
脆皮豆腐 Deep-Fried Tofu
锅塌豆腐 Tofu Omelet
宫保豆腐 Kung Pao Tofu
红烧日本豆腐 Braised Japanese Tofu with Vegetables
家常豆腐 Fried Tofu, Home Style
金菇豆腐 Braised Tofu with Mushrooms
榄菜肉碎炖豆腐 Stewed Tofu with Olive Pickles and Minced Pork
两虾豆腐 Braised Tofu with Shrimps and Shrimp Roe

牛肝菌红烧豆腐 Braised Tofu with Boletus
芹菜炒香干 Sautéed Celery with Dried Tofu Slices
日式蒸豆腐 Steamed Tofu,Japanese Style
泰式豆腐 Braised Tofu in Thai Sauce
铁板葱烧豆腐 Sizzling Tofu with Scallion
西蜀豆花 Braised Tofu with Peanuts and Pickles
乡村小豆腐 Sautéed Tofu with Vegetables
香芹茶干 Sautéed Dried Tofu with Parsley
雪菜炒豆皮 Sautéed Tofu Skin with Potherb Mustard
雪菜虾仁豆腐 Sautéed Tofu with Shrimp and Potherb Mustard

素菜豆腐 Sautéed Tofu with Mixed Vegetables
豆豉豆腐 Sautéed Tofu with Black Bean Sauce
芝麻豆腐 Sesame Tofu
左宗豆腐 General Tsuos Tofu
五味豆腐 Five-Flavored Tofu
椒盐豆腐 Fried Tofu with Spicy Salt
辣子豆腐 Tofu in Hot Pepper Sauce
咖喱豆腐 Curry Tofu
肉酱豆腐 Braised Tofu with Minced Meat
麻婆豆腐 Mapo Tofu (Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce)

三鲜豆腐 Sautéed Tofu with Three Delicacies
虾籽炒豆腐 Stir-Fried Tofu with Shimp Roe
面筋百叶 Fried Wheat Gluten Puff and Tofu Skin
百叶包肉 Tofu Skin Rolls with Minced Pork
砂锅豆腐 Stewed Tofu in Pottery Pot
菠菜豆腐 Stewed Tofu with Spinach
鸡血豆腐 Stewed Tofu with Chicken Blood Cakes
菜豆花 Braised Tofu with Vegetables
虾圆玉子豆腐 Steamed Tofu and Shrimps

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