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shū cài lèi
蔬菜类 Vegetables

XO酱炒海茸百合 Sautéed Lily Bulbs and Seaweed in XO Sauce
百合炒南瓜 Sautéed Pumpkin with Lily Bulbs
板栗白菜 Poached Chinese Cabbage with Chestnuts
白灼时蔬 Scalded Seasonal Vegetable
炒芥兰 Sautéed Chinese Broccoli
炒生菜 Sautéed Lettuce
炒时蔬 Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable
豉汁凉瓜皮 Sautéed Bitter Melon Peel in Black Bean Sauce
葱香荷兰豆 Sautéed Snow Peas with Scallion
翠豆玉米粒 Sautéed Green Peas and Sweet Corn

冬菇扒菜心 Braised Shanghai Greens with Black Mushrooms
豆豉鲮鱼油麦菜 Sautéed Indian Lettuce with Diced Fish in Black Bean Sauce
干贝扒芦笋 Braised Asparagus with Scallops 
干煸苦瓜 Sautéed Bitter Melon
海茸墨鱼花 Sautéed Diced Cuttlefish and Seaweed
蚝皇扒双蔬 Braised Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
蚝油扒时蔬 Braised Vegetable in Oyster Sauce
蚝油生菜 Sautéed Lettuce in Oyster Sauce
红烧毛芋头 Braised Taro in Brown Sauce
红枣蒸南瓜 Steamed Pumpkin with Chinese Dates

猴头蘑扒菜心 Braised Shanghai Greens with Mushrooms
虎皮尖椒 Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper
琥珀香芹炒藕粒 Sautéed Diced Lotus Root with Celery and Walnuts
黄耳浸白玉条 Simmered White Gourd Slices with Yellow Fungus
黄金玉米 Sautéed Sweet Corn with Salted Egg Yolk
火腿炒蚕豆 Sautéed Broad Beans with Ham
鸡汤竹笙浸时蔬 Bamboo Fungus and Steamed Vegetable in Chicken Soup
姜汁炒时蔬 Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable in Ginger Sauce
椒盐茄子丁 Deep-Fried Diced Eggplant with Spicy Salt
煎酿鲜茄子 Fried Eggplant Stuffed with Pork and Shrimp

辣椒炝时蔬 Sautéed Vegetable with Chili Pepper
栗子扒白菜 Braised Chinese Cabbage with Chestnuts
萝卜干炒腊肉 Sautéed Preserved Pork with Dried Turnip
米汤豆苗 Sautéed Pea Sprouts in Rice Soup
木耳炒山药 Sautéed Chinese Yam with Black Fungus
木瓜炖百合 Stewed Papaya with Lily Bulbs
浓汤金华四宝蔬 Braised Four Kinds of Vegetables in Broth
浓汤娃娃菜 Stewed Baby Cabbage in Broth
芹香木耳 Sautéed Black Fungus with Celery
清炒/蒜茸各式时蔬 Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable with/without Garlic
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