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gēng tāng bāo lèi
羹汤煲类 Soups

八宝海茸羹 Seaweed Soup of Eight Delicacies
煲参翅肚羹  Abalone and Shark's Fin with Fish Maw Soup
凤凰玉米羹 Sweet Corn Soup with Egg
桂花雪鱼羮 Codfish Soup with Osmanthus Sauce
鸡茸粟米羮 Minced Chicken and Corn Soup
九王瑶柱羹   Scallop Soup
浓汤鱼肚羮 Fish Maw Soup
太极素菜羹 Thick Vegetable Soup
西湖牛肉豆腐羹 Minced Beef and Tofu Soup
蟹肉粟米羹 Sweet Corn Soup with Crab Meat

雪蛤海皇羹 Snow Clam and Scallop Soup
鱼肚粟米羹 Fish Maw in Sweet Corn Soup
竹笙海皇羹 Bamboo Fungus and Seafood Soup
酸辣鱿鱼羹 Hot and Sour Squid Soup
台湾肉羹 Shredded Pork and Squid Soup, Taiwan Style
干贝芥菜鸡锅 Chicken Soup with Scallops and Chinese Broccoli
海鲜盅 Seafood Bowl with Assorted Ingredients
蟹肉烩竹笙 Crab Meat in Bamboo Fungus Soup
浓汁三鲜 Three Delicacies Soup
贝松鱼肚羹 Minced Scallop with Fish Maw Soup

浓汁木瓜鱼肚 Fish Maw and Diced Papaya Soup
灵芝金银鸭血羹 Duck Blood, Mushrooms and Tofu Soup
莲子鸭羹 Duck and Louts Seed Soup
龙凤羹 Minced Chicken with Fish Soup
蟹肉豆腐羹 Tofu and Crab Meat Soup
虫草鸭块汤 Duck with Aweto Soup
大葱土豆汤 Potato and Leek Soup
冬瑶花胶炖石蛙 Stewed Frog with Scallop and Fish Maw in Soup
豆苗枸杞竹笋汤 Pea Sprouts and Bamboo Shoot Soup with Chinese Wolfberry
番茄蛋花汤 Tomato and Egg Soup

凤尾虾丝汤 Phoenix-Tailed Prawns and Seaweed Soup
极品山珍汤 Wild Mushroom Soup
家常蛋汤 Egg Soup
老火炖汤/每日例汤 Soup of the Day
龙虾浓汤 Lobster Soup
绿色野菌汤 Mushroom Soup
萝卜煲排骨汤 Pork Ribs and Turnip Soup
萝卜丝鲫鱼 Crucian Carp Soup with Shredded Turnips 
美味多菌汤 Chef's Special Mushroom Soup
浓汤鱼片汤 Fish Filets Soup

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