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niǘ ròu lèi
牛肉类 Beef

红烩牛肉 Beef Stew
白烩小牛肉 Fricasseed Veal
牛里脊扒配黑椒少司 Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce
扒肉眼牛排 Grilled Rib-Eye Steak
西冷牛排配红酒少司 Roast Sirloin Steak with Red Wine Sauce
T骨牛扒 T-Bone Steak
烤牛肉 Roast Beef
罗西尼牛柳配钵酒汁 Beef Tenderloin and Goose Liver with Truffle in Port Wine Sauce
青椒汁牛柳 Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce
铁板西冷牛扒 Sizzling Sirloin Steak

香煎奥斯卡仔牛排 Pan-Fried Veal Steak Oscar in Hollandaise Sauce
咖喱牛肉 Curry Beef
威灵顿牛柳 Filet of Beef Wellington
俄式牛柳丝 Beef Stroganoff
烩牛舌 Braised Ox Tongue
红烩牛膝 Osso Bucco
黑胡椒鹿柳配野蘑菇和芹菜烤面皮 Venison Filet with Black Pepper Coated with Mushrooms and Celery

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