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yú hé hai xiān
鱼和海鲜 Fish and Seafood

海鲜串 Seafood Kebabs
扒金枪鱼 Grilled Tuna Filet
清蒸熏鱼 Steamed Smoked Haddock
扒挪威三文鱼排 Grilled Norwegian Salmon Filet
三文鱼扒配青柠黄油 Grilled Salmon with Lime and Butter
比目鱼柳和扇贝配红酒核桃汁 Braised Flatfish Filet and Scallop with Walnuts in Red Wine
煎比目鱼 Pan-Fried Flatfish
烤三文鱼柳配香草汁和黑橄榄酱 Roasted Salmon Filet in Pesto and Black Olive Purée
烤三文鱼排意大利宽面和藏红花汁 Roasted Salmon Steak in Tagliatelle and Saffron Sauce
煎红加吉鱼排 Grilled Sea Bream Filet

黄油柠檬汁扒鱼柳 Grilled Fish Filet in Lemon and Butter
扒大虾 Grilled King Prawns
蒜茸大虾 Grilled King Prawns with Garlic, Herb and Butter
巴黎黄油烤龙虾 Baked Lobster with Garlic and Butter
奶酪汁龙虾 Gratinated Lobster in Mornay Sauce
香炸西班牙鱿鱼圈 Deep-Fried Squid Rings
荷兰汁青口贝 Gratinated Mussels with Hollandaise Sauce

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