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pú tao jiǔ
葡萄酒 Wine

92年长城干红葡萄酒 Great Wall Red Wine (Year 1992)
92年张裕卡斯特干红 Changyu Castel (Year 1992)
95年张裕卡斯特干红 Changyu Castel (Year 1995)
张裕解百纳干红葡萄酒 Changyu Cavernet
张裕香槟 Changyu Sparkling Cider
长城1995(长城红葡萄酒,中国) Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon (Year 1995)
长城2002(长城红葡萄酒,中国) Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon (Year 2002)
长城A区(长城红葡萄酒,中国) Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon
华夏95年长城 Great Wall Vintage Red Wine (Year 1995)
华夏长城赤霞珠 Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

华夏长城葡萄园A区 Great Wall Region A Red Wine
华夏长城莎当妮 Great Wall Chardonnay White Wine
华夏长城特选 Great Wall Selection Red Wine
沙城长城干红三星 Great Wall Dry Red (Three-Star)
沙城长城干红四星 Great Wall Dry Red (Four-Star)
沙城长城干红五星 Great Wall Dry Red (Five-Star)
沙城长城干红一星 Great Wall Dry Red (One-Star)
雷司令(龙徽,中国) Dragon Seal Riesling
龙徽赤霞珠 Dragon Seal Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine
龙徽干白 Dragon Seal Dry White

龙徽干白葡萄酒 Dragon Seal Dry White
龙徽干红葡萄酒 Dragon Seal Dry Red
龙徽怀来珍藏 Dragon Seal Huailai Reserve
龙徽怀来珍藏干红葡萄酒 Dragon Seal Huailai Dry Red Reserve
龙徽汽酒 Dragon Seal Sparkling Wine
龙徽莎当妮 Dragon Seal Chardonnay White Wine
龙徽庄园 Dragon Seal Cru de Red Wine
龙徽庄园干红葡萄酒 Dragon Seal Cru de Dry Red
西夏王冰白 Xixia King Ice Wine
西夏王干红 Xixia King Dry Red

西夏王世纪 Xixia King Red Wine
总统特选南澳设拉子干红 President's Selection Shiraz Dry Red
总统特选南澳莎当妮干白 President's Selection Chardonnay Dry White
王朝干红 Dynasty Dry Red
王朝干白 Dynasty Dry White

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