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chá yǐn liào
茶饮料 Tea Drinks

冰茶 Iced Tea
冰红(绿)茶 Iced Black Tea / Iced Green Tea
冰奶茶 Iced Milk Tea
港式奶茶 Hot Tea, HK Style
巧克力奶茶 Chocolate Milk Tea
冰巧克力奶茶 Iced Chocolate Milk Tea
草莓奶茶 Strawberry Milk Tea
花生奶茶 Peanut Milk Tea
哈密瓜奶茶 Hami Melon Milk Tea
椰香奶茶 Coconut Milk Tea

芋香奶茶 Taro Milk Tea
热柠檬茶 Hot Lemon Tea
冰柠檬茶 Iced Lemon Tea
菠萝果茶 Pineapple Tea
菠萝冰茶 Iced Pineapple Tea
黑莓冰茶 Iced Blackberry Tea
草莓冰茶 Iced Strawberry Tea
蓝莓冰茶 Iced Blueberry Tea
芒果冰茶 Iced Mango Tea
蜜桃冰茶 Iced Peach Tea

香蕉冰茶 Iced Banana Tea
奇异果冰茶 Iced Kiwi Tea

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