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guǒ shū zhī
果蔬汁 Juice

百香果汁 Passion Fruit Juice
冰果汁 Chilled Juice
菠萝汁 Pineapple Juice
苹果汁 Apple Juice
橙汁 Orange Juice
纯木瓜汁 Papaya Juice
凤梨木瓜汁 Papaya and Pineapple Juice
哈蜜瓜汁 Hami Melon Juice
红莓汁 Cranberry Juice
火龙果汁 Dragonfruit Juice

苦柠檬水 Bitter Lemon Juice
西瓜汁 Watermelon Juice
葡萄汁 Grape Juice
酸枣汁 Wild Jujube Juice
西柚汁/蜜柚汁 (冷/热) Grapefruit Juice (Cold/Hot)
时令果汁 Seasonal Fruit Juice
西柠蜜瓜汁 Melon and Lemon Juice
椰汁 Coconut Juice
草莓果茶 Strawberry Juice
蓝莓果茶 Blueberry Juice

蜜桃果茶 Peach Juice
汇源梨汁 Huiyuan Pear Juice
汇源桃汁 Huiyuan Peach Juice
汇源橙汁 Huiyuan Orange Juice
新奇士橙汁 Sunkist Orange Juice
新奇士柠檬汁 Sunkist Lemon Juice
鲜榨果汁 Fresh Juice
鲜榨青柠汁 Fresh Lemon Juice
鲜榨蔬菜汁 Fresh Vegetable Juice
番茄汁 Tomato Juice

胡萝卜橙子汁 Carrot and Orange Juice
胡萝卜芹菜汁 Celery and Carrot Juice
山楂胡萝卜汁 Hawthorn and Carrot Juice
黄瓜汁 Fresh Cucumber Juice
胡萝卜汁 Fresh Carrot Juice
苦瓜汁 Bitter Melon Juice
西芹汁 Celery Juice
牵手南瓜汁 Together Pumpkin Juice
牵手果蔬汁(胡萝卜橙汁) Together Vegetable and Fruit Juice (Carrot and Orange)
山药养生汁 Yam Juice

凤梨柠檬芹 Pineapple, Lemon and Celery Juice
番茄柠檬汁 Tomato and Lemon Juice

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