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Cold dishes

桂花糯米藕 Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Sweet Sticky Rice
卤鸭冷切 Spicy Marinated Duck
松田青豆 Songtian Green Beans
色拉九孔 Abalone Salad
凉拌花螺  Cold Sea Whelks with Dressing
素鸭 Vegetarian Duck
酱鸭 Duck Seasoned with Soy Sauce
麻辣牛筋 Spicy Beef Tendon
醉鸡 Liquor-Soaked Chicken
可乐芸豆 French Beans in Coca-Cola

桂花山药 Chinese Yam with Osmanthus Sauce
豆豉鲫鱼 Crucian Carp with Black Bean Sauce
水晶鱼冻 Fish Aspic
酱板鸭 Spicy Salted Duck
烧椒皮蛋 Preserved Eggs with Chili
酸辣瓜条 Cucumber with Hot and Sour Sauce
五香大排 Spicy Pork Ribs
三丝木耳 Black Fungus with Cucumber and Vermicelle
酸辣蕨根粉 Hot and Sour Fern Root Noodles
小黄瓜蘸酱 Small Cucumber with Soybean Paste

拌苦菜 Mixed Bitter Vegetables
蕨根粉拌蛰头 Fern Root Noodles with Jellyfish
老醋黑木耳 Black Fungus in Vinegar
清香苦菊 Chrysanthemum with Sauce
琥珀核桃 Honeyed Walnuts
杭州凤鹅 Pickled Goose, Hangzhou Style
香吃茶树菇 Spicy Tea Tree Mushrooms
琥珀花生 Honeyed Peanuts
葱油鹅肝 Goose Liver with Scallion and Chili Oil
拌爽口海苔 Sea Moss with Sauce

巧拌海茸 Mixed Seaweed
蛋黄凉瓜 Bitter Melon with Egg Yolk
龙眼风味肠 Sausage Stuffed with Salty Egg
水晶萝卜 Sliced Turnip with Sauce
腊八蒜茼蒿 Crown Daisy with Sweet Garlic
香辣手撕茄子 Eggplant with Chili Oil
酥鲫鱼 Crispy Crucian Carp
水晶鸭舌 Duck Tongue Aspic
卤水鸭舌 Marinated Duck Tongue
香椿鸭胗 Duck Gizzard with Chinese Toon
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