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pīng pǐn
冰品 Ice

刨冰(红豆、绿豆、芋头、情人果、草莓、百香果、巧克力、乌梅、蓝莓、芒果、花生、凤梨) Water-Ice (with red bean/ green bean/ taro/green mango/strawberry/passion fruit/chocolate/black plum/blueberry/mango/peanut/pineapple)
香蕉柳橙搅滑冰 Banana and Orange Blended with Ice
芒果牛奶搅滑冰 Mango and Milk Blended with Ice
柠檬搅滑冰 Lemon Blended with Ice
西瓜牛奶搅滑冰 Watermelon and Milk Blended with Ice
苹果椰奶搅滑冰 Apple, Coconut and Milk Blended with Ice
木瓜牛奶搅滑冰 Papaya and Milk Blended with Ice
香橙搅滑冰 Orange Blended with Ice
水蜜桃鲜橙搅滑冰 Peach and Orange Blended with Ice
水红参营养蜜 Red Ginseng Honey

香蕉牛乳汁 Banana Milk
木瓜牛奶蛋黄汁 Papaya Milk with Egg Yolk
凤梨酸奶 Pineapple Yoghurt
墨西哥日落咖啡 Mexico Ice Coffee
胡萝卜蛋奶 Carrot-Flavoured Egg-Milk
雪利教堂 Mint Julep Mixed with Sprite
鲜奶煮蛋 Boiled Eggs with Fresh Milk
凤梨雪泡 Pineapple Snow
牛奶雪泡 Milk Snow
咖啡雪泡 Coffee Snow

冰沙 Sorbet
柠檬冰淇淋苏打 Lemon Ice Cream Soda
蓝柑冰淇淋苏打 Blue Curacao Ice Cream Soda
薄荷冰淇淋苏打 Mint Ice Cream Soda

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