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Idioms Lesson 50
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Fall Behind Sun Shan

In the Song Dynasty (960-1279) there was a joker called Sun Shan. One year he went to take the imperial examination and came last on the list of successful candidates.

Back in his hometown, one of his neighbors asked him whether the neighbor's son had also passed. Sun Shan said with a smile: "Sun Shan was the last on the list. Your son came after Sun Shan."

Later, people used this idiom to indicate failing in an examination or competition.

míng luò sūn shā




àn bù jiù bān
Follow the prescribed order; keep to the conventional way of doing things

àn rán shī sè
Be overshadowed; be eclipsed; pale into insignificance

biàn běn jiā lì
Worsen; intensify; become aggravated

bié chū xīn cái
Start something unique or original; deliberately adopt a different approach; try to be different

cāng hăi sāng tián
Seas changes into mulberry fields time brings great changes to the world

chū qí zhì shèng
Win by making a surprise move

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