Chinese mine-sweeping soldiers in Lebanon

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Editor's note: Li Jiang is one of the minesweepers of the 14th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment stationed in Lebanon. Since they arrived in the country, this special detachment have explored 1.96 million square meters of suspected minefields, found and removed 3,063 landmines, 15,673 unexploded bombs, and 504,783 metal objects of various kinds, creating three "China miracles" -- a record of zero casualties, taking only five days to obtain the minesweeping qualification certification and working at seven times the international average minesweeping speed. The following pictures, taken before this year's Army Day (August 1), record a day in the life of Li Jiang and his companions as they cope with dozens of dangerous situations.


出发前,李江在检查扫雷器材。作为副组长的李江,不仅要准备好个人必带的防护装具,还要检查扫雷器材。每天他都提前半小时起床,一一打开器材箱,检查扫雷器材,查看是否有遗漏的,性能是否良好。[中国网图片库 叶洋萍 摄]

出发前,李江在检查扫雷器材。作为副组长的李江,不仅要准备好个人必带的防护装具,还要检查扫雷器材。每天他都提前半小时起床,一一打开器材箱,检查扫雷器材,查看是否有遗漏的,性能是否良好。[中国网图片库 叶洋萍 摄]
Li Jiang checks all the minesweeping equipment before leaving on a special mission. As the vice chief of the minesweeping squad, Li gets up at 5:30 every morning, half an hour earlier than his colleagues, to check all the equipment and ensure nothing is amiss. [Photo by Ye Yangping/]

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