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Walking down a dream (I)
“走出”梦想 (上)

By Chris Higginbotham
China.org.cn staff reporter

The group marching along the road in a single-file line. The white banner was the logo for the march. As the group met people along the way, they invited them to sign the yellow banner. 队伍排成一列纵队向前走。白色旗帜是一路上行进的标志。他们邀请遇到的人在黄色旗帜上签名。

The group marching along the road in a single-file line. The white banner was the logo for the march. As the group met people along the way, they invited them to sign the yellow banner. 

Huang Wei just felt like walking. 


He walked away from his job in China's forest service. He walked away from a profitable landscaping business. Then he walked away from Beijing, across the country, and on to Tibet. 


"I liked my job, but I didn't work well with my colleagues," he said through a translator. "Now I have freedom and that gives me satisfaction." 


Huang, 41, has been walking for sport for 10 years now. It started as an infatuation with hiking small mountains for fun and exercise. Now it's an unbridled passion that motivated him to quit his job, start a hiking club and walk 4,300 km across China. 


He runs the club out of his house in the Huairou District of Beijing. His eyes smile behind his round glasses as he thinks back to February 2008, when the club started out on its first hike. 


"We met at Tiananmen Square and our friends came to see us off," he said. "It was supposed to be 14 of us, but not everyone showed up. Five people quit on the first day." 


They hadn't even taken a step yet. 


"This weighed on me because now the nine of us had more responsibilities." He points to his head. "At that point, it's all mental; it's all about your personality." 


Huang was the leader, so he had to put on a happy face that belied his disappointment. He says there was no excitement for him that day. 


They started off down Chang'an Road – nine hikers in a single-file line. They carried a flag with their logo, a banner with five vertical color bands and a hiker silhouetted on each. It reads, "Walk from Beijing to Tibet on the Five-Color Road." 


On the second day, Huang didn't have to fake it anymore; he really was excited.  


"It was great to see our plan come to life," he said. "As we kept walking, I felt like we were leaving reality and entering a dream."  


Not all of those who set off from Beijing planned to finish in Tibet, and the group picked up hikers along the way. As the group passed through cities, hikers would join along the route, others would leave early, bound by commitments in the real world. The group kept changing, consisting of as many as 17 members at a time. Some never finished the amount they planned; several had to quit due to illness and two, who had begun the trip in Beijing as strangers, fell in love along the way, got engaged and left to be married.  


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