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Walking down a dream (II)
“走出”梦想 (下)
So far, five people have committed to the trip, four of whom were on the trip to Tibet. Huang hopes to set off from Dandong with 15. Others are interested, but many are waiting to see what will happen with the courting of sponsors. 到目前为止,已经有五个人表示要参加这个活动,其中四个人参加过京藏徒步行。黄希望从丹东出发时有15名队员。还有一些人表示有兴趣,但是许多人在等待,看看会吸引来什么赞助商。
"They'll hike if they get paid," Huang says, shaking his head. 如果有报酬,他们就会参加。黄摇着头说。
He plans to be more selective this time about who joins the group. The Tibet trip taught him about leadership and the delegation of responsibility on a trip like this. 这次活动,黄要更加严格地筛选加入的人。西藏之行教会了他如何在这样一次旅途中发挥领导力和承担责任。
"There are a lot of roles on such a hike. Someone has to control the money. People need to be in charge of cooking, setting up camp, contacting local authorities. I am the leader of the group. I have to pick the best people for these jobs." 在这样的徒步行走中,需要很多人发挥作用。有些人需要管钱,有些人需要负责做饭,搭建帐篷,联系地方部门。我是这个团队的领导,需要挑选最适合的人来做这些事情。
As far as physical preparation, Huang says there's no kind of exercise that can really get someone ready for a hike of this distance. 至于体力上的准备,黄说,还没有哪种锻炼能真正让人对这种长距离的徒步旅行做好准备。
"We exercise regularly, but your body can't get used to that extended exertion. The mind is more important. You need to stay focused, think about your goals and stay committed to the team." 我们定期进行锻炼,但身体仍然无法适应那样高强度的劳累。精神更重要。你需要精力保持集中,思考你的目标,然后全力投入到这个队伍中。
When the hike ends in March of 2011, Huang doesn't know where he'll lead his group next. He just knows he'll keep walking. For some, there isn't a destination, there's just a feeling. And Huang doesn't see a place to stop, just more places to go.


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