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Trouble is a Friend


Lenka, the pretty Australian singer, doesn't say she's 31 years old. Instead, she says, "I'm not as young as I look, and I'm wiser than you think." 这位漂亮的澳籍歌手兰卡没有说自己是31岁,而是说:“我没有看上去那么年轻,但我比你们想象得要更聪明。”
She's right. Lenka has a girlish voice and her melodies explode like a sugar bomb -- but her lyrics have the depth of a woman who knows about life. 她说得没错。兰卡有着一副少女般的嗓音,她的旋律也如糖心炮弹一样地爆发,然而她的歌词的深度却体现了一个女人对生活的深刻理解。
Take her songs on her self-titled disc that was released in 2008. "The Show" is a cutting tune about how sometimes life is such a bad show that you want your money back. A sour sentiment, but one that's sweetened with a catchy melody. 她于2008年发行的专辑就是以她自己的名字命名的。这张专辑里一首歌“The Show (演出)内容尖锐,讲述有时候生活就像一台糟糕的演出,让你想要拿回付过的钱。歌曲带有酸酸的伤感,但那琅琅上口的旋律又为之增添了一分甜美的感觉。
The lady is adventurous. That's very clear in "Live Like You're Dying" 这位女士还很有冒险精神。她的歌“Live Like You're Dying”(像垂死一样生活)就很清晰地体现了这一点。
“Take every moment, you know that you own them 抓住每一个瞬间,你知道你拥有它们
It's all up to you to do whatever you choose 去做任何你选择做的事,这全都取决于你
Live like you're dying and never stop trying 像垂死一样地生活吧,永远不要停止尝试
It's all you can do 你所有能做的
Use what's been given to you…” 就是使用你被赋予的一切。
She also takes chances, as detailed in the song "Trouble Is A Friend." 她有时也爱碰碰运气,就像歌曲“Trouble Is A Friend.”(麻烦是位朋友)中详述的。
Personally, her biggest risk has been to ditch a budding film career (she has a couple of movies to her credit) because she wasn't satisfied by the work. She may have given up that part of her life, but she says there's still a hint of the actress in her, especially when she performs live. "I feel like I'm acting when I'm onstage singing; the difference is, the character I'm playing is me."

就其个人而言,她最大的一次冒险就是放弃了颇有前途的演艺事业(她曾经拍过一些电影), 因为她对自己的表现不满意。她也许已经放弃了生活中演艺的这一部分,但她说她身上仍留有一丝演员的痕迹,尤其是当她现场演唱时。“我感觉我站在台上唱歌时也像在演戏,不同点在于这次我扮演的角色是我自己”。

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