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Part I.

A. Listen to the following passage and then decide whether the statements below are true or false. After hearing a short passage, blacken the circle of “True” on the answer sheet if you think the statement is true, or blacken the circle for “False” if it is false. There are ten statements in this part of the test, with one point each. You will hear the passage only once.

My mother stayed in California for ten years. Her grandfather left her to his wife, Emma, a severe woman who wore black dresses and resented and ignored my mother. Emma discouraged visitors and rarely allowed my mother to attend parties or other functions. One Halloween, when she caught my mother trick-or-treating with school friends, Emma decided to confine her to her room for an entire year, except for the hours she was in school. She forbade my mother to eat at the kitchen table or linger in the front yard. This cruel punishment went on for months until Emma’s sister came for a visit and put a stop to it. By the time my mother turned fourteen, she could no longer bear life in her grandmother’s house. She found work as a mother’s helper, caring for two young children in return for room, board and three dollars a week. She had little time for the extracurricular athletics and drama that she loved and no money for clothes. She washed the same blouse everyday to wear with her only skirt and, in colder weather, her only sweater. But for the first time, she lived in household where the father and mother gave their children the love, attention and guidance she had never received. My mother often told me that without that sojourn with a strong family, she would not have known how to care for her own home and children.

1. Emma is my grandmother.

2. Emma seldom allowed my mother to go to parties.

3. One Halloween, Emma decided to punish my mother because she didn’t go to school.

4. My mother was confined to her room for an entire year.

5. To punish her, Emma forbade my mother to eat.

6. At the age of fourteen, my mother found work and moved out of Emma’s house.

7. My mother loved extracurricular athletics and drama.

8. I never received love, attention and guidance from my mother.

9. My mother didn’t know how to care for her own home and children.

10. My mother took care of two kids for room, board and three dollars a week.


B. Listen to the following short statements and then choose one of the answers that best fits the meaning of each statement by blackening the corresponding circle. There are ten questions in this part of the test, one point for each question. You will hear both the statement and the question only once.

11. Since I have a meeting around noon, I will eat my lunch on the run.

12. He hung up on me.

13. She said she didn’t like anyone to visit her on weekends. Then she went on to say that I could come to see her anytime.

14. Susan and Mary are going to London and New York respectively.

15. His friend never runs out of things to write.

16. It would be a good idea to look into the company before you invest all your money.

17. I stayed at home for some much needed rest during the vacation.

18. The research paper was very brief, but still it was better than I expected.

19. Students occasionally fail this course.

20. Since he moved out of the old apartment, he has lived in a house twice as big as mine.

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