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New war of the flea: CSR and labor activism in China (I)

Factory workers at Chicony Electronics in Dongguan take part in a labor rights training program organized in partnership between Chicony, Hewlett Packard and Hong Kong NGO SACOM.
Factory workers at Chicony Electronics in Dongguan take part in a labor rights training program organized in partnership between Chicony, Hewlett Packard and Hong Kong NGO SACOM. 

From September 2008 to March 2009, another NGO, the Chinese Working Women Network (CWWN), provided similar training to 2,700 machine operators at another Taiwan-owned manufacturer, Chicony Electronics. CWWN also laid on a special course for 30 members of the factory’s worker committee, and helped establish a hotline service for workers to report problems in confidence. 20089月到20093月,一家名为中国劳动妇女网络(CWWN)的非政府组织,为另一家台资企业Chicony电子公司的2700名机床员工提供相似的培训。CWWN还为该厂由30名员工组成的工人委员会提供特殊课程,帮助他们建立热线服务自信地反映问题。
Jenny Chan sees the courses as a move towards an entirely new model of "worker-based" CSR. Her vision is that multinational brands can be pressured into giving the workers themselves a significant degree of control over CSR programs. Jenny Chan把这些课程视为迈向基于员工的新型企业社会责任项目的重要一步。她认为,迫于压力,跨国品牌是能够把企业社会责任项目很大一部分控制权让渡给员工的。
Currently brands exercise control over suppliers by hiring consulting firms to carry out audits. But campaigners say the audits are stacked in favor of the companies. SACOM says they involve "minimum participation of workers if any at all. Only selected workers are questioned during the auditing process." Neither workers nor consumers receive copies of the reports. SACOM suggests audits are open to manipulation. Others are more straightforward. New York based activist, Li Qiang, says the auditing system is "riddled with corruption." 目前,各大品牌聘请咨询公司对他们的供应商进行审查,从而掌握他们遵守劳动法的情况。但是劳工权益运动者认为,审查工作是站在资方这一边的。SACOM 认为审查工作即使有员工参与,也是在最小的程度上参与。只有被选中的员工在审查过程中接受询问。无论是员工还是消费者都无法获得审查报告的副本。SACOM暗示,审查工作很容易被操纵。其他人则更直接地表达了该观点。来自纽约的李强(音译)认为审计中充斥着腐败。
Li has obtained documents that show a Walmart supplier, the Huasheng Packaging Factory, prepared "cheat sheets" for its workers to memorize in advance of a visit by Walmart inspectors. The sheets included false information about wages, benefits and hours. The documents also show the company adjusted or concealed company records, especially "documents, forms or rules pertaining to the details of fines or punishments." The documents even included a plan to conceal the existence of a second Huasheng plant nearby. 李强获得了一些关于沃尔马供应商的文件,上面显示一家名为华盛包装厂的供应商在沃尔马派人来检查之前,为其员工提供作弊纸张,上面包括工资、福利和工作时间等虚假信息,供员工记忆。该文件同时还披露了这家包装厂如何修改或隐瞒公司纪录,特别是公司文件、表格和有关奖惩细节的规定。文件还揭露说,该公司打算隐瞒在附近还开设了另一家工厂的事实。
Chan calls the training courses in Dongguan "a significant step in the history of CSR programs, a milestone to a large extent. We have gone beyond the brand-supplier partnership framework. NGOs […] have been brought in to the workplace to meet with workers, the key stakeholders." Chan把东莞的培训课程称为企业社会责任发展的重大进步和里程碑。 “我们已经突破了跨国公司与供应商之间的合作关系的框架。非政府组织已经被邀请进入工作车间和员工及主要股东见面。”
The common factor that led to Delta and Chicony's participation in the training programs is that they are both suppliers to Hewlett Packard, the world's largest IT company. HP is 9th in the Fortune 1000 list, 26 places above Microsoft. In 2008 it made more than US$8 billion profit on revenues of US$118.4 billion. To put those figures in perspective, the combined GDP of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is US$105 billion. 能够让DeltaChicony两家公司参与这些培训项目的一个共同原因是他们都是世界最大的IT公司惠普的供应商。惠普在《财富》1000排行榜中名列第九,比微软高出26位。在2008年,惠普的年收入达到1184亿美元,利润超过80亿美元,而爱沙尼亚、拉脱维亚和立陶宛三国的GDP之和为1056亿美元,这样的比较使数据更加直观。
The computing giant is recognized as having one of the most advanced and progressive CSR programs in the world. After SACOM launched the "Clean up your Computer" campaign in 2006, exposing poor labor practices at electronics factories, HP was the only major brand to respond positively. SACOM began talking to representatives of the company's Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) program in January 2007 and in August the same year signed an agreement to coordinate worker training at Delta and Chicony. 这个电脑巨人被认为拥有世界上最先进的企业社会责任项目。SACOM2006年发起了一场“清除你的电脑”的运动,旨在揭露电子工厂侵害劳动者权益的行为,惠普是此后唯一一家对该运动做出积极回应的大牌公司。SACOM2007年开始与来自惠普社会与环境责任(SER)项目的代表进行对话;同年8月,双方签署了一份协调DeltaChivony两家供货商培训事务的协议。
Although SACOM organized the training in collaboration with Hewlett Packard SER program, it definitely does not see itself as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility industry. Jenny Chan says "We have never received any money from HP. We will not bend to corporate pressure to write a company-friendly report. SACOM will not become part of the CSR business."

尽管SACOM与惠普的SER项目合作开展培训,但是该民间组织并不认为自己是企业社会责任行业的一分子。Jenny Chan说:“我们从来没有拿过惠普的钱。我们不会屈服于公司的压力,为他们粉饰报告。SACOM不会加入企业社会责任行业。”

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To be continued…


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