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My impression of Israel (I)

By Pang Li
China.org.cn staff reporter

Panoramic view of Haifa, a port city in northern Israel [Pang Li/China.org.cn]

Panoramic view of Haifa, a port city in northern Israel [Pang Li/China.org.cn]


From October 16 to 22, seven other journalists and I toured Israel's major places of interests. The trip was quite an eye-opener for me. I saw both the modern and ancient sides of the country. I have to say that Israel is highly worth visiting. If you want to go there, just pack your clothes and hit the road!




In Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem, there are many young people dressed very fashionably visiting this or that shop on the streets. There are also many religious people, especially in Jerusalem, who are dressed conservatively and busy with their lives. When night falls, customers crowd into the restaurants and bars. A lot of people also sit outdoors, enjoying the cool, breezy nighttime air.


Israel is pretty tight when it comes to security checks. Before entering large shopping malls, everyone has to open their bags and then be scanned by electronic devices. Honestly speaking, I did not feel comfortable at first. This kind of measure seemed to be over the top. I have never gone through this kind of security check before going into a shopping mall in China. Later, I shrugged the uncomfortable thoughts away. The security measures did not prevent me from entering, and it was easy to get used to. 以色列的安检很严格。进大商场之前,每个人必须打开他们的包,然后再让电子仪器扫描全身。实话说,一开始我并不习惯这种安检,觉得这种做法有些过分。在国内,在进商场之前我从来没有接受过这样的安检。后来,我把这种不快的念头打消了。我毕竟没有因为这种安检被拒之门外,而且这种安检也很容易让人适应。



In Israel, there are many cities scattered along the Mediterranean Sea, such as Haifa and Jaffa. Enhanced by the unparallel beauty of the Mediterranean, they boast picturesque scenes. There are many intertwining, narrow roads lined with green, flourishing trees. The road layout was so confusing that the cities seemed like mazes.


Here I have to mention Rosh Hanikra grottos, a scenic spot in the northernmost point of Israel on the Mediterranean coast. It is a series of tunnels in glittering, white salt cliffs, carved by years of sea tides. You can walk through the tunnels and have a close look at the loud, rock-clashing waves, which resonate in your ears. Close to the grottos, there is a cinema inside a deserted railway tunnel. One can watch a short film there, about a sad love tale and the ecological environment of the grottos. The cinema also provides special effects, and the audience is sprayed with water from above when the tide clashes against the rock.


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