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Obama's speech at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
奥巴马在上海科技馆的演讲及与中国青年的对话 [视频/音频]

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum to deliver a speech at a dialogue with Chinese youth during his four-day state visit to China, Nov. 16, 2009. [Pei Xin/Xinhua]

Q: I want to pose a question from the Internet. I want to thank you, Mr. President, for visiting China in your first year in office, and exchange views with us in China. I want to know what are you bringing to China, your visit to China this time, and what will you bring back to the United States?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The main purpose of my trip is to deepen my understanding of China and its vision for the future. I have had several meetings now with President Hu. We participated together in the G20 that was dealing with the economic financial crisis. We have had consultations about a wide range of issues. But I think it's very important for the United States to continually deepen its understanding of China, just as it's important for China to continually deepen its understanding of the United States. [奥巴马]好。这次访问的主要目的就是加深我对中国和中国对未来的愿景的理解。我已经和胡主席进行了几次会晤,我们一起参加20国峰会,就是应对金融危机,另外,我们就范围广泛的问题也进行了磋商。但是我认为很重要的是美国要继续不断地加深对中国的了解,同样中国不断加深对美国的了解也是重要的。
In terms of what I'd like to get out of this meeting, or this visit, in addition to having the wonderful opportunity to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, and to meet with all of you -- these are all highlights -- but in addition to that, the discussions that I intend to have with President Hu speak to the point that Ambassador Huntsman made earlier, which is there are very few global challenges that can be solved unless the United States and China agree. 至于我这次会晤希望有什么成果或者访问的成果,除了能够看紫禁城和长城这么伟大古迹的好机会,还有会见各位,所有这些都是我此次访问的一些高潮和亮点。除此以外,我打算和胡主席谈到一些问题,也就是洪大使提到的一点,世界上只有美中两国一致,才能够解决一些全球性的挑战。
So let me give you a specific example, and that is the issue we were just discussing of climate change. The United States and China are the world's two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, of carbon that is causing the planet to warm. Now, the United States, as a highly developed country, as I said before, per capita, consumes much more energy and emits much more greenhouse gases for each individual than does China. On the other hand, China is growing at a much faster pace and it has a much larger population. So unless both of our countries are willing to take critical steps in dealing with this issue, we will not be able to resolve it. 我举个例子来说,刚才谈到的气候变化问题。美国和中国是世界上最大的两个温室气体的排放者,也就是造成全球变暖的因素。那么美国作为一个高度发达国家,就像刚才说的,从人均来讲,人均消耗的能源多得多,排放的温室气体按人均来算比中国多得多,但是中国增长速度快得多,人口多得多,所以除非我们两个国家都愿意采取一些关键的步骤来应对这个问题,否则我们就无法解决这个问题。

There's going to be a Copenhagen conference in December in which world leaders are trying to find a recipe so that we can all make commitments that are differentiated so each country would not have the same obligations -- obviously China, which has much more poverty, should not have to do exactly the same thing as the United States -- but all of us should have these certain obligations in terms of what our plan will be to reduce these greenhouse gases.

So that's an example of what I hope to get out of this meeting -- a meeting of the minds between myself and President Hu about how together the United States and China can show leadership. Because I will tell you, other countries around the world will be waiting for us. They will watch to see what we do. And if they say, ah, you know, the United States and China, they're not serious about this, then they won't be serious either. That is the burden of leadership that both of our countries now carry. And my hope is, is that the more discussion and dialogue that we have, the more we are able to show this leadership to the world on these many critical issues. Okay? 这只是一个例子,我希望会晤的成果,就是我和胡主席能够就美中两国怎么共同发挥领导作用而达成一致。我可以告诉各位,甚至很多其他国家都将等着我们。他们要看我们做什么,他们要说,“你看美国、中国他们对这个并不认真,那我们也不会认真”。那两个国家就要承担做领导的责任。所以我们越是能够讨论这个问题,越是能够向全世界展现在这些问题上的领导作用。
All right, it's a -- I think it must be a boy's turn now. Right? So I'll call on this young man right here. 好吧,我想现在轮到男士。

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