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Section 1: Vocabulary and Grammar (25 points)

This section consists of 3 parts. Read the directions for each part before answering the questions. The time for this section is 25 minutes.

Part 1 Vocabulary Selection

In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. There is only ONE right answer. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your Machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.


1. The explanation given by the manager yesterday was not at all _____ to us.

A. satisfy

B. satisfied

C. satisfactory

D. satisfying


2. Part of the funds will be used to _____ that old library to its original splendor.

A. rest

B. recover

C. replace

D. restore


3. This silk has gone right _____ and we have not sold a single piece of it for weeks.

A. out of fad

B. out of pattern

C. out of custom

D. out of fashion


4. The new Personal Digital Assistance contained a large _____ of information about an individual life.

A. deal

B. amount

C. number

D. account


5. Primitive superstitions that feed racism should be _____ through education.

A. ignored

B. exalted

C. eradicated

D. canceled


6. _____ pollution control measures are expensive, many local governments hesitate to adopt them.

A. Although

B. However

C. Because

D. Moreover


7. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner, _____ to the body.

A. the stress it is greater

B. greater is the stress

C. greater stress is

D. the greater the stress


8. Annie Jump Cannon, _____ discovered so many stars that she was called “the census taker of the sky.”

A. a leading astronomer,

B. who, as a leading astronomer,

C. was a leading astronomer,

D. a leading astronomer who


9. Kingdom of Wonders, _____ in 1995 in Fremont, Calif., became an industry legend for two toys: a talking bear and a ray-gun game.

A. find

B. found

C. founded

D. founding


10. Over a very large number of trials, the probability of an event _____ is equal to the probability that it will not occur.

A. occurring

B. to occur

C. occurs

D. occur

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