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The Day You Went Away


M2M was a Norwegian pop music duo - Marion Elise Raven and Marit Elisabeth Larsen. They released three albums under Atlantic Records and Warner Music: Shades of Purple, The Big Room and The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M released by their record label after M2M disbanded. 窈窕美眉(M2M)是一个挪威流行音乐组合,由Marion Elise RavenMarit Elisabeth Larsen两个女孩组成。在大西洋唱片公司(Atlantic Records)和华纳音乐集团(Warner Music)旗下,她们共发行了三张专辑:《紫色恋情》(Shades of Purple)、《白木屋之恋》(The Big Room)和《珍重再见》(The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M),其中最后一张专辑是在乐队解散之后发行的。
Raven and Larsen had known each other since they were five. They formed a duet in the mid-1990s. The group's first single, "Don't Say You Love Me", appeared in 1999, and was featured on the soundtrack of Pokémon: The First Movie. The movie helped the song to reach success worldwide and the duo released their first album, Shades of Purple, in 2000, which debuted at number one in Norway and several Asian countries and in the Top Forty in most other countries. In September that year, they toured with Hanson, performing as the boys' opening act. Earlier in the year, they performed a concert special at Epcot in Walt Disney World, broadcast on April 29, 2002, under the name "M2M and BBMak in Concert", performing six songs with breaks in between of them walking around the park and seeing the sites. RavenLarsen五岁的时候就相识了,在20世纪90年代中叶组建了二人乐队。她们的第一支单曲《Don't Say You Love Me》于1999年问世,并成为电影《神奇宝贝——口袋饼干皮卡丘》(Pokemonthe First Movie)的主题曲。随着电影的上映,这首歌在全球大获成功。M2M乘胜追击,于2000年发布了她们的第一张专辑《紫色恋情》。这张处女大碟一举跃登挪威和几个亚洲国家的排行榜榜首,同时在很多国家入围流行榜Top 40。那年9月,她们与Hanson组合一起巡演,在Hanson这几个男孩的演唱会中做开场表演。同年早些时候,她们还在华特迪士尼乐园的明日世界园区举办了一场特别的音乐会,并剪辑成特别节目“M2M and BBMak in Concert”于2002429播出。在这个节目中,M2M演唱了六首歌曲,其中还穿插了她们造访迪士尼乐园参观知名景点时的幕后小花絮。
Four more singles were released from the album: "Mirror Mirror", "The Day You Went Away", "Pretty Boy" and "Everything You Do". Their trilingualism made them popular in Asia as they released several songs sung in Mandarin such as "Pretty Boy". However, they did not record a Mandarin version of their hit "The Day You Went Away", and Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang recorded her own version. 这张专辑还推出了另外四首单曲:《Mirror Mirror》、《The Day You Went Away》、《Pretty Boy》和《Everything You Do》。她们使用三种语言唱歌,其中包括用汉语演唱的几首比如《Pretty Boy》,因此在亚洲很受欢迎。不过,她们没有用汉语录制热门歌曲《The Day You Went Away》,只是台湾歌手王心凌翻唱了这支曲子,推出了自己的版本。
In 2002, the duo returned with a more mature, less pop-oriented sound with their second album, The Big Room. In two years, their voices had changed, especially Raven's. The first single from the album was "Everything" followed by "What You Do About Me". They did not release a third single, even though "Don't" was released to U.S. and Latin America's radio stations and "Wanna Be Where You Are" was released in the Philippines. The promotion for their second record included TV appearances that year, such as a spot on the WB's Dawson's Creek, appearing in the 100th episode of the show towards the end of its fifth year. That year, they also took part in the Pantene Pro-Voice concert series that aired on the now defunct MuchMusic USA. While on tour with Jewel, M2M was dropped by Atlantic Records, who cited a lack of record sales, although the album did do well in Norway, Asia and Australia. Although M2M was the most popular Norwegian female band, the most successful, and the youngest artist to get an international career after a-ha, the duo eventually split in September of that year. They are currently performing as solo artists, now going by their own names.

2002年,M2M组合用更加成熟、流行导向渐远的嗓音推出了她们的第二张专辑《白木屋之恋》。这过去的两年里,她们的声音已经发生了变化,尤其是Raven。这张专辑中的第一首单曲是《Everything》,紧接着是《What You Do About Me》。尽管歌曲《Don't》在美国和拉美的广播电台推出,《Wanna Be Where You Are》也在菲律宾发布,她们却没有再发布第三支单曲。为了宣传这张专辑,她们当年还登上了电视荧屏,在WB电视网播出的肥皂剧《恋爱时代》(Dawson's Creek)的第100集中饰演她们自己。那时候,该剧已经播放将近五年了。同年,她们还参加了潘婷公司举办的系列演唱会,曾经播出这些活动的音乐频道MuchMusic USA如今也已经倒闭。在M2M与歌手Jewel巡回演唱期间,大西洋唱片公司同她们解除了合约。尽管这张专辑在挪威、亚洲和澳大利亚销量不错,但大西洋唱片公司宣称其总销量不能令人满意。M2M是挪威最受欢迎的女子乐队,也是继a-ha乐队之后最成功、早早获得国际名声的最年轻组合;然而,这支乐队最终于20029月解散。如今,她们各自单飞,分别继续着自己的音乐生涯。

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