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Just One Last Dance


Sarah Connor was born Sarah Leve on June 13, 1980, in Delmenhorst, Germany. She was the eldest of five children (four sisters and one brother) born to parents Soraya and Michael. At age 6, Sarah joined a local gospel choir, and during her teens, she attended music school where she took classical vocal lessons. Her musical idols while growing up were such artists as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Marvin Gaye. 莎拉寇娜(Sarah Connor)原名Sarah Leve1980613日出生于德国代尔曼霍斯特(Delmenhorst)。她的父母MichaelSoraya共育有四女一子,她是五个孩子中最大的。六岁时,Sarah加入了当地的福音唱诗班;十几岁的时候,进入音乐学校学习古典声乐课程。她心中的偶像歌手包括Aretha FranklinStevie WonderJames BrownMarvin Gaye
By the time she was 17, Sarah was convinced that she was ready to dedicate her life to music. She was picked by her music school to perform alongside Michael Jackson when he gave a huge concert in Germany, and the experience turned out to be a revelation. "I loved it," Sarah recalled, "and knew for sure then that singing was what I wanted to do." After finishing school, Sarah focused all her energy on getting her music out to the world. 直到17岁,Sarah才认识到自己已经做好把一生都奉献给音乐事业的准备。迈克尔杰克逊的世界巡演来到德国时,Sarah所在的音乐学校选中她参与了迈克尔杰克逊的演出,这次经历给了她很多启示。“我热爱音乐,”Sarah回忆说,“我很确定唱歌才是自己真正想要的。”毕业后,为了把自己的歌推向世界,Sarah倾注了她所有的心血。
In the spring of 2001, Sarah released her first single, called "Let's Get Back to Bed – Boy!" which jumped to No. 2 on German singles charts and hit the Top 15 on the European Top 100. Within weeks, she had reached gold status in both Germany and Austria, and the music channel VIVA gave her a Comet award for Best National Newcomer. Another hit single, "From Sarah with Love," followed later that year. When Sarah finally released her first album, Green Eyed Soul, in November of 2001, it went on to sell more than 450,000 copies. 2001年的春天,Sarah发布了第一支单曲《Let’s Get Back to Bed – Boy!》。这支单曲一举荣获德国单曲榜亚军,跃登欧洲European Top 100排行榜前15位。几星期之内,她在德国和奥地利就取得了金唱片销量的成绩。音乐频道VIVA在其一年一度的最耀眼彗星奖(Comet)颁奖典礼上给她颁发了“最佳本土新人奖”。同年,她还发布了另一首热门单曲《From Sarah with Love》。Sarah的第一张专辑《Green Eyed Soul》最终于200111月问世,销量超过了45万张。
In 2002, Sarah won a German ECHO award (for Best Female National Rock/Pop Artist). After conducting a national tour to sold-out crowds, Sarah went back into the studio. With friend and mentor Wyclef Jean acting as producer, she recorded "One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep)," which became the first single off of Sarah's sophomore release, Unbelievable. Unbelievable went gold a mere two days after being released in September of 2002. 2002年,Sarah在德国“回声”音乐奖(ECHO award)上荣获年度“最佳本土流行/摇滚女歌手”奖。在结束了门票售罄、场场爆满的全国巡演后,Sarah回归了录音棚。由朋友兼良师Wyclef Jean担任制作人,Sarah录制了歌曲《One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep)》,这也成为了她第二张专辑《Unbelievable》里推出的首支单曲。《Unbelievable》于20029月发布,之后两天就荣登金唱片宝座。
While working on her third album, Key to My Soul, in the summer of 2003, Sarah became pregnant with the child of boyfriend and fellow singer Marc Terenzi. Terenzi's band, Natural, had contributed to "Just One Last Dance," one of the singles from Key to My Soul. The album was released in November of that year, as Sarah was taking time off as a maternity leave. 2003年的夏天,就在Sarah为推出第三张专辑《Key to My Soul》做准备时,她怀上了男朋友Marc Terenzi的孩子。Terenzi所在的Natural乐队与Sarah合作过《最后一曲》(Just One Last Dance),这也是专辑《Key to My Soul》推出的单曲之一。专辑于同年11月发布,那时候Sarah正在休假待产。
In the spring of 2004, Sarah broke into the coveted English-language market. She released her first US single, "Bounce," in April, and then a self-titled album in May. "Bounce" reached No. 11 on the US charts, No. 12 in Japan and No. 14 in the UK and Australia. Sarah's worldwide success earned her a World Music Award in September of 2004. 2004年的春天,Sarah杀进了渴望已久的英语语言国家。4月,她在美国发布了第一支单曲《Bounce》,接着于5月发布了以自己名字命名的专辑。《Bounce》在美国排行榜上排名第11位,日本第12位,英国和澳大利亚则位列第14Sarah在全球大获成功,这为她在20049月赢得了“世界音乐奖”。
In February of 2005, Sarah took home a German Golden Camera award for Best National Pop Act. She also lent her voice to the German version of the animated feature Robots (2005). 20052月,Sarah在德国金相机奖(Golden Camera award)上荣获“本土最佳流行艺人”奖。此外,她还演唱了动画大片《机器人历险记》(2005)德国版本的主题曲。
Connor's personal life began to gain substantial media attention after her 2005 marriage to American pop-rock musician Marc Terenzi, which resulted in two children, Tyler (born in 2004), and Summer (born in 2006).

2005年开始,Sarah的个人生活吸引了很多媒体的目光。那一年,她嫁给了美国流行摇滚歌手Marc Terenzi。他们共育有一子一女:儿子Tyler2004年出生,女儿Summer生于2006年。

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