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End of May


Singer/songwriter Keren Ann Zeidel, who records under the name Keren Ann, was born in Israel in 1974 to a Dutch-Javanese mother and a Russian-Israeli father. She was nine when her parents bought her a guitar, on which she learned to play songs by Joni Mitchell and Serge Gainsbourg. Zeidel and her family lived in Israel and Holland before settling in Paris, France, when she was 11.

Keren Ann Zeidel是一位创作型歌手艺名凯伦·安。她1974年出生于以色列,父亲具有俄罗斯和以色列血统,母亲则是荷兰—爪哇混血。在她9岁的时候,父母给她买了一把吉他,由此她学会了用这把吉他演奏琼尼·米歇尔和塞尔日·盖恩斯布尔的歌曲。Zeidel和家人先后在以色列和荷兰生活过,她11岁那年,全家搬到了法国巴黎定居。

In the 1990s Zeidel met musician/arranger Benjamin Biolay, with whom she would form a fruitful partnership. She released her first album La Biographie DeLuka Philipsen in 2000. In 2003, Zeidel released her first English album, Not Going Anywhere. The same year, she founded the duet Lady & Bird with Bang Gang's Bardi Johansson and their first album came out in October 2003.

上世纪九十年代,Zeidel音乐家兼编曲本杰明·比奥雷结识,两人的合作后来产生了丰硕的成果。Zeidel2000年推出了首张专辑《La Biographie De Luka Philipsen》。2003年,她的第一张英文歌曲专辑《Not Going Anywhere》问世;同年,她与Bang Gang乐队的Bardi Johansson合作建立了双人组合Lady & Bird,这个组合在200310月推出了第一张专辑。

Not Going Anywhere sees Zeidel operating in the same hushed tones as her previous albums and once again collaborating with Benjamin Biolay. While Zeidel has been compared to Dido and Portishead in the past, few would make similar comparisons this time around as trip-hop vibes really appear only on the playful "Sailor & Widow." Otherwise, the pace is held steady around 20 BPM and more frequently there are no beats at all. Instead, Zeidel frolics in a whispery, moody genre that might be appropriately labeled neo-folk, late-night lullaby. On the somewhat unsettling songs "End of May" and "Right Now & Right Here," Zeidel's voice is a dead-ringer for Lisa Germano, and since the music mostly consists of quietly strummed acoustic guitars, pianos, and violins, the music seems equally Germano-esque. Lush, minimal, and always gentle, Not Going Anywhere reaffirms Zeidel's gorgeous voice and should be a soundtrack for the hippest coffeehouses around the globe.

专辑《Not Going Anywhere》是Zeidel与本杰明·比奥雷又一次合作的成果,延用了前几张专辑一贯的安静曲风。过去人们常常拿Zeidel和蒂朵或波提斯海德乐队相比较,然而这张专辑却无法让人产生同样的联想,因为整张专辑中只有一首俏皮的《Sailor & Widow》真正显现了迷幻舞曲的氛围;除此之外,歌曲的节拍稳定在每分钟20拍左右;更多时候甚至根本不存在节拍,而是采取沉郁的曲风,低声细语般的演唱,将其归类为新民谣摇篮曲可能更恰当。《End of May》和《Right Now & Right Here》这两首歌多少有些令人不安,Zeidel的声音简直是莉萨·格马诺的翻版;配乐主要由木吉他、钢琴和小提琴演奏,那安静的旋律同样是典型的格玛诺风格。专辑《Not Going Anywhere》层次丰富、低吟浅唱,再次凸显了Zeidel的美妙声线,适合作为世界各地最时尚咖啡馆的背景音乐。

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