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I wish to study Biology because of my enthusiasm for the environment and my fascination with how living organisms work, particularly animals. I enjoy studying creatures at a cellular level as well as on a large scale, such as their ecosystem. It is this variation of perspective that makes Biology an appealing subject to further my knowledge at University.

I recently attended lectures on biodiversity and conservation at the University Museum of Natural History in Oxford. This aided my understanding of different topics, including why our rainforests are so important and the role of specific invertebrates in our global environment.

I currently own a shared website on which my AS Biology notes can be viewed. This was set up in order to improve my skills in computer and data handling, as well as share information with other students who are studying Biology at A-level. I am hoping it will also make the subject more interactive and exciting for people who visit the site.

I keep up to date with new developments and ideas by reading around my school subjects in books and in journals such as New Scientist. Leisure activities, including visits to Cotswold Wildlife Park, the Natural History Museum and the Body World Exhibition, have proved valuable in expanding my biological knowledge, as has watching wildlife documentaries on television.

I have a part time job at Summertown Library, which has been an important experience for me. It has not only made me more independent, but has taught me the importance of decision-making, how to work as a team and how to handle responsibility. I take pleasure in reading novels, spending time with friends, drawing, painting and walking in the countryside.

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