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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

片名:Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
         (Chris Columbus)
主演:罗根•勒曼(Logan Lerman)
         (Alexandra Daddario)
         (Brandon T. Jackson)
          乌玛•瑟曼(Uma Thurman)
        (Pierce Brosnan)
          凯文•麦克基德(Kevin McKidd)


The Story 

Though it may seem like just another Harry Potter knockoff, Percy Jackson benefits from a strong supporting cast, a speedy plot, and plenty of fun with Greek mythology. 尽管看上去像是《哈利•波特》系列的翻版,但影片《珀西•杰克逊与闪电盗贼》的成功之处在于配角阵容强大,情节紧凑,以希腊神话为背景也十分有趣。
Chris Columbus, director of the first two Harry Potter flicks, has gone Greek, trading wizards and witches for the gods and goddesses of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, based on the popular series of adventure novels by Rick Riordan. 本片改编自作家雷克•莱尔顿的畅销冒险小说系列。曾经执导前两部《哈利•波特》电影的导演克里斯•哥伦布此次涉足希腊文化,将巫师们换成了奥林匹亚山上的众神。
Except for his ability to stay under water for a very long time, Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) seems like a normal teenager. He struggles through life with dyslexia, ADHD, and a jerk of a step father who treats Percy and his mother like personal servants, but somehow, he keeps going. While others in his life -- like his best friend Grover, his mother, and his Latin teacher Mr. Brunner -- seem to see something special in him, Percy sees nothing out of the ordinary. Until, one day, he finds out that he is anything but ordinary. 珀西•杰克逊(罗根•勒曼 饰)看上去是个普普通通的少年,只不过能在水下闭气很长时间。珀西患有阅读障碍症和多动症,他的继父把他和母亲当做仆人一样对待;但是无论怎样,他都努力生活。珀西身边的人,比如他的母亲、好友Grover和拉丁语教师Brunner先生,好像都认为他有些与众不同;而他却觉得自己很平凡。直到有一天,珀西发现自己绝非泛泛之辈。
Percy's adventure starts when his stodgy English teacher suddenly accuses him of stealing, then turns into a fury and tries to kill him. Percy's head swims as Grover and his mother rush him away, trying to save him from some mysterious threat. Soon Percy is enlightened to the fact that not only do gods and mythical creatures exist, but also that he is the son of Poseidon, and he has been accused of stealing Zeus' lightening bolt. If the bolt is not returned to Zeus, there will be a war between the gods. But it gets worse: his mother has been taken by Hades, who also wants the bolt in exchange for her safe return. 一天,顽固守旧的英文教师突然指责珀西偷窃他人物品。之后,老师变成了一只复仇精灵试图杀死他,珀西就此踏上了冒险之旅。珀西晕头转向地任凭母亲和Grover把他送走以避开某种神秘的威胁;不久,他被告知希腊神话中的神祇和奇妙生物确实存在,还知道了自己原来是海神波塞冬的儿子,而且众神都怀疑他偷走了主神宙斯的法宝闪电杖。如果闪电杖不能物归原主,希腊众神之间就要展开一场大战。同时,冥王哈迪斯抓走了珀西的母亲,让事态进一步恶化。冥王声称,要找回母亲,就拿闪电杖来换。
With ominous storm clouds brewing over Earth and his own life now in peril, Percy travels to a special enclave called Camp Half Blood, where he trains to harness his newly discovered powers and prevent a devastating war among the gods. There, Percy meets two fellow demigods -- the warrior Annabeth, who is searching for her mother, the goddess Athena; and his friend and protector, Grover, who is actually a satyr. 不详的乌云在空中聚积,珀西的生命也面临着威胁。为了阻止毁灭性的众神之战,珀西来到秘境中的半神训练营,学习着驾驭自己的新能力。在训练营中,珀西遇到了两个同为半神的伙伴:一个是女武士Annabeth,她是智慧女神雅典娜的女儿,正在寻找自己的母亲;另一个就是珀西的好友兼守护者Grover,他原来是森林之神萨梯的化身。
Percy determines to visit the underworld and save his mother. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth set out on a quest to beat the gods at their own game, but the real lightening thief isn't about to make it any easier.


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