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Communique of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit
Chinese President Hu Jintao (4th R, front) poses for a group photo with other world leaders during the Nuclear Security Summit at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, April 13,2010. [Li Xueren/Xinhua]
Chinese President Hu Jintao (4th R, front) poses for a group photo with other world leaders during the Nuclear Security Summit at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, April 13, 2010. [Li Xueren/Xinhua]


Nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security, and strong nuclear security measures are the most effective means to prevent terrorists, criminals, or other unauthorized actors from acquiring nuclear materials. 核恐怖主义是对国际安全最具挑战性的威胁之一,强大的核安全措施则是防止恐怖分子、罪犯或其他未获授权者取得核材料的最有效途径。
In addition to our shared goals nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy, we also all share the objective of nuclear security. Therefore those gathered here in Washington DC on April 13, 2010 commit to strengthen nuclear security and reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. Success will require responsible national actions and sustained and effective international cooperation. 除了核裁军、核不扩散以及和平使用核能方面的共同目标之外,我们亦有相同的核安全目标。因此,2010年4月13日在华盛顿哥伦比亚特区参加会议的各方承诺强化核安全和减少核恐怖主义的威胁。成功取决于负责任的国家行动以及持续有效的国际合作。
We welcome and join President Obama's call to secure all vulnerable nuclear material in four years, as we work together to enhance nuclear security. Therefore, we: 在我们共同努力加强核安全之际,我们欢迎并同申奥巴马总统关于在四年之内保障所有易流失核材料安全的呼吁。为此,我们:
1. Reaffirm the fundamental responsibility of States, consistent with their respective international obligations, to maintain effective security of all nuclear materials, which includes nuclear materials used in nuclear weapons, and nuclear facilities under their control; to prevent non-state actors from obtaining the information or technology required to use such material for malicious purposes; and emphasize the importance of robust national legislative and regulatory frameworks for nuclear security; 1. 重申各国与其国际职责一致的基本责任,有效保障所有核材料的安全,包括用于核武器的核材料,并保障各自所控制的核设施的安全;防止非国家行为者取得将此类材料用于恶意目的所必需的信息或技术;并强调就核安全制定健全的国家法律和监管框架的重要性;
2. Call on States to work cooperatively as an international community to advance nuclear security, requesting and providing assistance as necessary; 2. 呼吁各国作为同一个国际社区协力增进核安全,必要时要求或提供协助;
3. Recognize that highly enriched uranium and separated plutonium require special precautions and agree to promote measures to secure, account for, and consolidate these materials, as appropriate; and encourage the conversion of reactors from highly enriched to low enriched uranium fuel and minimization of use of highly enriched uranium, where technically and economically feasible; 3. 认识到需要针对高浓缩铀和已分离钚进行特殊防范,并同意在适当条件下推动与此类材料相关的安全、问责与集中措施;鼓励在技术上和经济上可行的情况下将反应堆从高浓缩铀改成低浓缩铀燃料,并将高浓缩铀的使用减至最低;
4. Endeavor to fully implement all existing nuclear security commitments and work toward acceding to those not yet joined, consistent with national laws, policies and procedures; 4. 在符合国家法律、政策和程序的情况下,努力充分履行现有的全部核安全承诺,并促使尚未加入的国家入约;
5. Support the objectives of international nuclear security instruments, including the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, as amended, and the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, as essential elements of the global nuclear security architecture; 5. 支持国际核安全契约的目标,包括经修订的《核材料实物保护公约》(CPPNM)以及《制止核恐怖主义行为国际公约》(ICSANT),并将这些目标作为全球核安全架构的核心要素;
6. Reaffirm the essential role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in the international nuclear security framework and will work to ensure that it continues to have the appropriate structure, resources and expertise needed to carry out its mandated nuclear security activities in accordance with its Stature, relevant General Conference resolutions and its Nuclear Security Plans; 6. 重申国际原子能机构(IAEA)在国际核安全构架中的至关重要的角色,并努力确保它继续具备适当的结构、所需的资源和专长,能够根据其规约、相关的大会决议和其核安全计划实施规定的核安全活动;

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