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Outside My Window


Sarah Buxton grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, and became actively involved in music as a child by learning piano, playing flute and joining a children's choir. She sang Patty Loveless' "Blame It on Your Heart" at a talent show as a junior in high school. As she learned more about music, she became interested in songwriters and began writing poetry. After graduation, she met one of her musical idols, Stevie Nicks, who encouraged her to pursue music and move to Nashville, Tennessee. 莎拉•巴克斯顿在美国堪萨斯州劳伦斯长大。她从小就活跃在音乐的世界中,不仅弹钢琴、吹长笛,还参加过儿童唱诗班。中学三年级时,她还在一次才艺表演中演唱了佩蒂•勒夫莱斯的《Blame It on Your Heart》。随着对音乐了解的深入,她开始执迷于创作型歌手,自己也开始尝试歌曲创作。毕业之后,她遇到了她的音乐偶像史蒂薇•妮克丝。在史蒂薇•妮克丝的鼓励下,她坚持着自己对音乐的追求,并搬到了田纳西州纳什维尔居住。
Buxton enrolled at Nashville's Belmont University and started a Southern rock band called Stoik Oak, which toured the region for three years. After an 18-month engagement, she married the band's guitarist when she was 22. However, they divorced shortly afterwards. She also felt discouraged about finding a place for her unique-sounding voice in the music business but found further encouragement from one of her friends, John Rich of Big & Rich. 巴克斯顿被纳什维尔的贝尔蒙特大学录取。她组建了一支名叫“Stoik Oak”的南方摇滚乐队,在当地巡演了3年。她和乐队的吉他手订婚18个月之后,在22岁那年嫁给了这个吉他手;可是,他们不久就离婚了。那个时候,她还不能为自己独特的嗓音找准定位,这也使她倍感沮丧;还好她的朋友约翰•里奇(Big & Rich组合的成员)给了她莫大的鼓励。
As an American country music artist, Buxton released her debut single, "Innocence", in September 2006, and peaked at No. 31. It was followed by "That Kind of Day" at No. 26 and "Space" at No. 38, and all the three were singles off Buxton's debut EP Almost My Record. In mid-2009, she released "Outside My Window", and became her highest-charting single to date, reaching No. 23. It is the lead-off single to her self-titled debut album, which was released in February 2010. In addition, she co-wrote Keith Urban's 2007 single "Stupid Boy".

作为美国乡村音乐歌手,巴克斯顿于2006年9月发布了她的处女单曲《Innocence》,位列乡村音乐排行榜第31位。接下来的两首单曲《That Kind of Day》和《Space》分别荣登排行榜第26、38名,而这三支单曲都收录在巴克斯顿的首张迷你专辑《Almost My Record》里。2009年中期,她发布了单曲《Outside My Window》。这支单曲一度荣登排行榜第23位,成为她目前为止排名最靠前的一支单曲。这首歌也是她的处女专辑的主打歌,专辑以她的名字命名,于2010年2月发行。此外,她还参与创作了凯斯•厄本2007年的单曲《Stupid Boy》。

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