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Flying Tiger in WWII, secret ambassador today (I)

By Wang Ke
China.org.cn staff reporter

Ms. Anna Chan Chennault [Wang Lei/China.org.cn] 陈香梅女士

Ms. Anna Chan Chennault [Wang Lei/China.org.cn]


Plane engines roaring, white clouds and landscapes receding underneath, Anna Chan Chennault sat quietly and stared through the window at the horizon. It was nearly impossible for her to remember how many times she had returned to the vast land of China. 引擎轰鸣,白色的云朵和地面的景色从机翼下方掠过;陈香梅女士(Anna Chan Chennault)静静地坐在机舱内,透过舷窗望着遥远的天际。她几乎已经记不清自己多少次回到这辽阔的华夏大地了。 
Shrewd, rich, perceptive, one half of a world-famous love story, respected, at least in certain quarters, Anna, though more than 85 years old, still seemed full of energy. The plane flew north from Beijing, taking her to Erdos, the richest city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It was her first trip there. 作为一个举世闻名的爱情故事的女主角,陈女士精明能干,生活优裕,又受人尊敬;年逾85岁的她依旧精力充沛,极富洞察力。此次她乘坐飞机由北京出发,一路北上,飞往内蒙古自治区辖下最繁华的城市——鄂尔多斯市。这是她第一次访问这座城市。
"I have heard it is a very beautiful place and where Genghis Khan is buried," she said. "China is changing so much and everyone should come to see." “我听说那是一个非常美丽的地方,是成吉思汗的埋骨之所,”她说。“中国变化之大,每个人都应该来亲眼看一看。”
A legend in the Chinese community, Anna is famous for many reasons. She was the wife of "Flying Tigers" leader General Claire Chennault, the first female reporter for the Central News Agency, and the first person of Chinese ancestry who have had a successful political career in the United States, where she became known as "the hostess of Washington." 在国人眼中,陈香梅女士是一位传奇人物,理由有很多:她是飞虎队指挥官陈纳德将军(General Claire Chennault)的夫人;同时也是中央通讯社的首位女记者;她还是第一个在美国政坛获得成功的华人,拥有“华盛顿女主人”的美称。
Often acting as a "secret ambassador," she served as an emissary for interactions among the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and U.S. Over the past eight decades, she has devoted all her life to promoting dialogue and exchange between the two sides of the Pacific Ocean. She has published an autobiography and several collections of writings. Numerous TV serials based on her life have been produced and broadcast in Taiwan and the mainland. 在中国大陆、台湾以及美国的交往互动中,陈香梅女士经常扮演“秘密使者”的角色。她倾注毕生精力,推动太平洋两岸的对话与交流。陈女士出版过一部自传和几本作品选集;在中国大陆及台湾地区,讲述其生平事迹的电视系列片不计其数。
"I love both China and U.S. very much!" Anna told China.org.cn. "I member the toast made by President Nixon in 1972 when he came to Beijing,that 'The Chinese people are a great people, the American people are a great people. If we can find common ground to work together, the chance for world peace is immeasurably increased.'"


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