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Flying Tiger in WWII, secret ambassador today (I)

Ms. Anna Chan Chennault and her husband General Claire Chennault. 陈香梅女士与丈夫陈纳德将军

Ms. Anna Chan Chennault and her husband General Claire Chennault.

Female avant-garde in the WWII 二战女先锋
Born into a well educated family in Beijing on Jun. 23, 1925, Anna was the most opinionated and stubborn of the siblings. In 1939, WWII broke out, the world was in chaos, and China was battling the Japanese Fascists. Anna's father, a diplomat, wanted to send his children to study abroad, but Anna refused. Instead, she led a nomadic student life, attending middle school in Hong Kong and Lingnan University in Guangdong Province. 陈香梅1925年6月23日出生于北京的一个书香门第;在姐妹中,她是最坚持己见的一个。1939年二战爆发,世界陷入一片混乱,中国处于抗击日本法西斯的战争中。陈香梅的父亲是一名外交官,他想把孩子们送到国外学习,但是陈香梅并未遵从父命。她在香港上完中学,随后就读广东省岭南大学,度过了动荡的学生生涯。
She recalled that life was extremely hard during the Anti-Japanese War. "There was no electric light for studying, no hot water for bathing. People couldn't even get one meal with meat per week," she said. But even under such harsh conditions she never quit studying. 回想起抗日战争时期的艰苦生活,她说:“当时读书没有电灯,洗澡没有热水;一周甚至吃不上一顿荤菜。”即使在这样严酷的条件下,她依然没有放弃学习。
In 1944, Anna graduated from Lingnan University with a degree in Chinese. She began her career as a journalist, serving as a war correspondent for the Central News Agency from 1944 to 1948 and a feature writer for the Hsin Ming Daily News in Shanghai from 1944 to 1949. 1944年,陈香梅由岭南大学中文系毕业,从此开始了她的记者生涯。从1944到1948年,她在中央通讯社担任战地记者;同一时期,她也在上海的《新民报》上发表特写。
"At that time, I was so young and full of passion and enthusiasm. I wanted to be a journalist, to report the real China to the whole world," she told China.org.cn. "It was a tough but amazing experience that I was able to interview common people and write about the war." “那时候我很年轻,满腔热忱。我想成为一名记者,向全世界报道一个真实的中国,”她说道。“那是一段艰苦而又美妙的经历,我可以去采访普通人,描述那场战争。”
In 1946, Anna met her future husband General Claire Chennault, who was a major war hero in China. The Flying Tigers squadron that Chennault trained made him immensely popular among Chinese servicemen and civilians alike. In 1947, Anna married Chennault, who was 32 years her senior. Their love story has moved generations of Chinese people. 1946年,陈香梅遇到了当时著名的战斗英雄,也是她未来的丈夫陈纳德将军。他指挥训练了飞虎队,在中国军民的心目中备受尊崇。1947年,陈香梅与比她年长32岁的陈纳德将军喜结连理,他们的爱情故事感动了一代代中国人。
But Chennault died of lung cancer in 1958. Although they only spent 11 years together, Anna cherishes that period as the most precious time in her life. She said she would never remarry again as there was no room in her heart for anyone but her husband. 陈纳德将军因肺癌于1958年逝世。虽然他们共同生活的时间仅仅只有11年,但陈香梅认为,那段时期是她一生中最宝贵的日子。她说,她永远不会再婚,因为在她的心中装不下丈夫之外的人。
"A person always needs love. The 11 years of the marriage with General Chennault was the most precious time in my life. Though he left us a long time ago, I still miss him," she said. “人总是需要爱情的。与陈纳德将军共同生活的11年是我一生中最宝贵的日子。他已经离开我们很久了,但我依然思念着他。”陈香梅说。
Anna visits the Chennault's grave to mourn him every Veteran's Day with his friends and colleagues. She has planted a jequirity tree at the tomb, a symbol of lovesickness in China.


(China.org.cn 李潇 译)

To be continued ...

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