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Flying Tiger in WWII, secret ambassador today (II)

By Wang Ke
China.org.cn staff reporter

Ms. Anna Chan Chennault and her husband General Claire Chennault. 陈香梅女士与丈夫陈纳德将军

Ms. Anna Chan Chennault and her husband General Claire Chennault.


American political star 美国政坛明星
No one will deny that the legend of Anna began with her marriage to Claire Chennault. In 1949, she left for Taiwan with her husband. But in July 1958 came the black day when Chennault died of lung cancer. 无人能够否认,陈香梅的传奇开始于她与陈纳德将军的婚姻。1949年,她与丈夫离开大陆到台湾生活。然而,1958年7月,陈纳德罹患肺癌去世,艰难的日子开始了。
A strong woman, the death of her husband did not slow Anna's career. After his death, Anna settled in the U.S. with their two children. She received an honorary Doctor of Literature Degree from Chungang in Seoul, Korea in 1967, and an honorary degree at Lincoln University in San Francisco. 陈香梅是一位坚强的女性,丈夫的离世并没有阻碍她在事业上的追求。丈夫去世之后,陈香梅带着两个孩子在美国定居。1967年,她获得韩国中央大学授予的荣誉文学博士学位,以及位于旧金山的林肯大学授予的荣誉学位。
Anna took a variety of jobs -- becoming chief of the Chinese section of the machine translation research department at Georgetown University, a broadcaster for the Voice of America, a lecturer, a writer, a fashion designer, and one of the key executives of Flying Tiger Line for which she handled many contract negotiations. 陈香梅尝试过各种职业:她担任过乔治城大学机器翻译研究中心中文部主任、美国之音播音员、演说家、作家、时装设计师,还是飞虎航空公司的高管之一,负责合同谈判。
She was very active in Republican Party affairs, with posts including co-chairwoman of the Republican National Committee's Finance Committee (1966-1983) and was twice chairwoman of the National Republican Heritage Groups Council. 她在共和党党务上十分活跃,担任过共和党全国委员会财务委员会联合主席(1966至1983年),并两度担任美国共和党少数民族全国委员会主席。
Because she helped a number of Republican presidential candidates in elections, she gained the trust of the White House. Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan all asked her to take on various informal tasks for them. In 1963, President Kennedy named her the chairman of the Chinese Refugees Relief Committee, making her the first person of Chinese ancestry to be appointed to the White House staff. 她曾经帮助过多位共和党总统候选人参选,由此获得了白宫的信任。历任总统如肯尼迪、约翰逊、尼克松、福特、卡特和里根等都曾请她承担各种非正式的工作。1963年,肯尼迪总统任命陈香梅为中国难民救济委员会主席,她成为有史以来第一位出任白宫公职的华裔。
According to Nixon, A Life by Jonathan Aitken, after an unexpected encounter with Anna in Taipei, Nixon complained to accompanying congressman Patrick Hillings "She's a chatterbox." 乔纳森•艾特肯所著的《尼克松的一生》一书中记载着,尼克松在台北偶遇陈香梅之后,他对随同的国会议员帕特里克•希林斯抱怨道:“她真够能说的。”
Anna said: "I hope through my efforts, the two super powers (China and U.S.) can work closer. In fact, this is my only motivation. I deeply love these two counties." 陈香梅说:“我希望,通过我的努力,中美两个超级大国能够更紧密地合作。事实上,我的全部动力都来源于此。我深深爱着这两个国家。”
Her hard work has been recognized by the international community. In 1966, she won the Freedom Award of the Order of Lafayette and the Freedom Award from the Free China Association; in 1971 she received the Award of Honor from the Chinese-American Alliance. 她的不懈努力为国际社会所肯定。1966年,陈香梅获得拉法叶自由奖和自由中国协会颁发的自由奖;1971年,她又荣获美籍华人联合会颁发的荣誉奖。

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