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Dear Sir or Madam:

As the Chair of the Department of International Finance, I'm pleased to recommend Mr. Hui, my favorite student, to your esteemed university.

I got to know him in my class of Special Topics on International Finance last term. He has great interest in Economics and thirst for knowledge about it. He studied in my class conscientiously and often talked with me about the questions that he met in reading and study. Once, we talked about the design of the tax system. He said that since people always wanted to evade tax, the increasing cost that caused by it was an important problem. I talked with him several methods of how to account the cost caused by evading the tax and found that he was very skilled in using diagrammatic curve and mathematics. Finally, he said that the reaction of government to the action of evading tax of people would affect the behavior of people and the cost of levying taxes. He said maybe the solution of the problem would exert the Game Theory. I encouraged him this idea. He said he didn't know much about Game Theory and borrowed me some essays about it written by Nash. Mr. Hui always studied with this serious attitude and often pointed out some creative ideas. His study is to improve his knowledge about Economics, not for the exam. This is his distinction from others and I appreciate him for it. In the end of last term, he got a high score of 90 in the exam. But most of the exams are dogmatic, so he hasn't got the same high scores in them.

He often talks with me about his ideal to be an economist. So I often do some special instructions to him and lend many books about economics to him. He spends a lot of time on them and seldom prepare for the exams. Though his keeps average score top 25% in his class. I think he is very clever. When I was well aquatinted with him, he often do some favor to me. Because his English is good, I often let him help me to translate some English essays when I am busy. He always does well. His oral English is good too, so I think he will be more competitive than other Chinese students to apply to your university.

He has a strong ability to organize people and is ready to help people. His classmates all like him and elected him as the person responsible for sports activities. He organized his classmates to take part in the sports meeting of Peking University every year. He also organized some basketball and football games that were took part in by boys and girls both in the Department of International Finance. It made his classmates a rich life in the University.

Mr. Hui is a very active student and he always keeps high spirit. I think he has enough things in him to go to America to study Economics with his perfect theory base, hardworking habit and fluent English. I hope you will accept him. If you want to know more information about him, don't hesitate to contact with me.


Ming Jiaoshou

Professor of Economics

Associate Dean, School of Economics, Beijing University

Chair, Department of International Finance

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