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Israel pavilion highlights innovation

By Wu Nanlan and Susan Tart
China.org.cn staff reporters

Israel Pavilion
Israel Pavilion


At the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, Israel will showcase a modern Israel where high technology is utilized to make people's life better. Designed by Haim Dotan, a pioneering Israeli architect, in collaboration with designer Prosper Amir, Israel Pavilion will spread the message of "Innovation for Better Life." 在2010上海世博会期间,以色列馆将会展示一个现代的以色列,在那里高科技的运用让生活变得更加美好。由先锋派建筑师渡堂海与设计师普罗斯普•艾米尔共同设计的以色列馆,将传播“创新营造更美好生活”的理念。
The pavilion is divided into three parts: the Whispering Garden, the Hall of Light and the Hall of Innovations. Entering the building, visitors first see the garden, which is an orange tree orchard. 以色列馆由三部分组成:私语花园、光明厅和创新厅。走进展馆,参观者会首先看到私语花园,这是一个橘树园。
"We chose orange trees because they are typical fruit in Israel," said Amir Laty, deputy consul general of Israel for the Expo. “我们选择橘树,因为这是以色列最有代表性的水果,”以色列驻沪副总领事蓝天铭(Amir Laty)说道。
The building itself is composed of the two halls. The Hall of Light is made of transparent PVC material and glass, symbolizing technology, transparency, lightness and the future, while the Hall of Innovation is made from stone to symbolize the connections with the Earth and history, Laty said. 整个建筑本身由两个大厅组成。光明厅由透明的PVC材料和玻璃组建而成,象征着技术、透明度、光明和未来;创新厅则是由石头建成,象征着与大地以及历史的联系,蓝天铭介绍道。
The Hall of Innovation, the centrepiece of the pavilion, has special audio-visual shows that allow visitors to "talk" to Israeli children, scientists, doctors and inventors via hundreds of screens. They will introduce themselves and share their hopes for a better future for mankind through technologies in fields such as medicine, energy, water purification and desalination. 创新厅是整个场馆的核心,里面的声光设备可以让参观者透过几百个屏幕与以色列的儿童、科学家、医生还有发明家们“对话”。他们会自我介绍,并且向参观者描述自己的心愿——希望通过医学、能源、水资源净化和海水淡化等领域的技术,创建更美好的未来。
Israel has a diversified, technologically advanced economy and a strong high-tech sector. It also is a world leader in software development, comprising a major part of its industrial production and exports. Many top software companies set up research centres in Israel. 以色列经济多元化发展,技术进步,高科技产业发达。以色列的软件开发世界领先,也是该国主要的工业生产和出口项目。许多顶级软件公司在这里都有研发中心。
It was the first time that Israel had built its own pavilion, with the government allocating a budget of US$12 million for the project. Laty said Israel hopes to boost cooperation with China through the event.


(China.org.cn 陈博渊 译)

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