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Swedish innovation on display in Expo pavilion

By Xu Lin
China.org.cn staff reporter

Sweden Pavilion [Xu Lin/China.org.cn] 瑞典馆 [徐林/中国网]
Sweden Pavilion [Xu Lin/China.org.cn]
瑞典馆 [徐林/中国网]

With an exhibition on environmental protection, energy-saving and harmony between nature and people, innovation has made Sweden Pavilion a big attraction for visitors at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, according to Swedish officials and pavilion designers. 据瑞典官员及场馆设计师介绍,2010年上海世博会上,以“创意之光”为主题的瑞典馆凭借其“环保,节能,人与自然和谐相处”的展示,吸引了大量的参观者。
Annika Rembe, commissioner general of Sweden's Expo committee, said on May 1 that although Sweden is not a large country, it ranks as one of the world's most innovative nations. With the theme "Spirit of Innovation,"Sweden Pavilion aims to provide smart solutions to an improved daily life. 上海世博会瑞典参展組委会总代表任安莉女士也于5月1日表示,瑞典国家不大,但是它却能跻身于世界最具创意的国度之列。以“创意之光”为主题,瑞典馆致力于为更美好的生活提供创新捷径。
Christer Stenmark, CEO of Sweco, said the pavilion's main concept was harmony between human and nature. The walls of the pavilion show the street plan of downtown Stockholm and landscapes of the country. In addition, the pavilion comprises four buildings made of green materials and employs waste-water treatment and energy-saving techniques. Designed for continuous use, the pavilion can be easily deconstructed and moved to other locations. Sweco公司的首席执行官克里斯特•斯滕马克(即瑞典馆的首席设计师)认为,场馆的主要理念是人与自然的和谐。展馆的外壁展示了斯德哥尔摩市街区图以及瑞典风情。此外,场馆采用废水处理以及节能技术,将四个环保材料的立方体组成十字形通道。该场馆可以循环使用,便于拆除和搬迁。
The pavilion, which covers 1,500 square meters, displays through its five exhibition halls different perspectives on environmental challenges Sweden has met during its development, the solutions it has found and the achievements it has made.

瑞典馆占地1500平方米, 通过5个展厅展示了瑞典在其发展过程中遇到的环境问题、解决之道以及取得的成就。

(China.org.cn Jessica Zhang 译)

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