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ChiNext stock market

       创业板市场ChiNext stock market),顾名思义,着眼于创业,是为了适应自主创新企业及其他成长型创业企业发展需要而设立的市场。各国对此的称呼不一,有的叫成长板,有的叫新市场,有的叫证券交易商报价系统,比如美国的纳斯达克、英国的AIM等。与主板市场main board market)只接纳成熟的、已形成足够规模的企业上市不同,创业板以自主创新企业及其他成长型创业企业为服务对象,具有上市门槛低,信息披露监管严格等特点,它的成长性和市场风险均要高于主板。

ChiNext is an important component of China's multi-tier capital market system. As an independent market, ChiNext offers a new capital platform tailor-made for the needs of enterprises engaged in independent innovation and other growing venture enterprises. The difference between ChiNext and the main board lies in their mechanisms of financing, investment and risk management for issuers at various stages of development, rather than simply the sizes.




We accelerated reform in key areas and links. We comprehensively carried out VAT reform. The reform of the prices of refined oil products and taxes and fees on them was implemented smoothly, and a new mechanism for pricing them worked well. We made solid progress in commercializing the China Development Bank and introducing the joint stock system in the Agricultural Bank of China, and launched a pilot project to use the renminbi as the settlement currency for cross-border trade. The ChiNext stock market was officially launched, which opened a new financing channel for enterprises based on independent innovation and other growth enterprises.

—— Excerpt from Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government

China held a launching ceremony Friday for its Nasdaq-style market, ChiNext, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

The first batch of 28 selected firms will make their debut on Oct. 30 on the Shenzhen-based exchange.

The growth enterprise market (GEM) will boost start-ups of high technology and high growth, said Shang Fulin, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, at the launching ceremony.

It could help channel social resources to competitive new-born sectors and innovative enterprises, Shang said.

Zuo Xiaolei, chief economist with the Galaxy Securities, told Xinhua that the launch of ChiNext is a historic event in China's capital market and it defines the multi-layer development pattern of the country's capital market.

—— Excerpt from China launches Nasdaq-style market


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