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I am pleased to write this letter for my former student Miss Nan Li, who graduated from this College with an L.B. degree in June 2009.

Miss Li was admitted to the Department of Law of this College in 2005 through highly competitive entrance examination which is conducted annually and is open to the whole nation. Even in such a selective group. Miss Li made herself distinguished. As professor and dean of the College, I have access to her records of academic work and moral conduct, In her fourth year study, I instructed her in Anglo-American Laws on Trespass. So I have known her quite well.

Miss Li's performance, like that in many other courses she taken, was excellent with a superior grade of 86 for the first semester, and 84 for the second semester. In our university and in other university here, 80 is considered "A" , the highest level.

As far as I know, Miss Li wishes to continue her study in Law for an advanced degree. I am sure she has had sufficient prerequisite knowledge for the subject and certainly has the ability to undertake the study.

I recommend Miss Li without reservation and shall appreciate your favorable consideration of her application.


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