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       Growing up in a modest village in China, I hardly ever had the chance to see many examples of modern technology; people who dig wells by hand to obtain drinking water and use ox-driven plows to cultivate their fields don't have much use for televisions and personal computers. But when my father gave me an old radio to play with, I wanted nothing more than to take apart the contraption and see what inside made such interesting sounds. Sitting on the floor with a confused grin, surrounded by wires and metal, I looked up at my father and asked where the noises were...(有删节)



       ... I first read this paragraph from Madame Curie as a 14-year-old child, and I still remember how wonderful I felt. I remember thinking, "What esteemed men they were! How hard they worked!" As I grew older, this paragraph became a source of encouragement in the face of adversity. I begin to feel a magical blue light twinkling in my heart, kindling a love of science, and encouraging me to charge bravely into the unknown world.


       I never forgot my adolescent idol, Maria Curie. As I re-read the book, another passage leaped out: "She was now 24 -- an age when some of her great contemporaries were to be on the brink of major discoveries... Maria took the train from Warsaw to Paris, the intellectual Mecca."

       For me, the intellectual Mecca is the United States... I hope to continue my study and research, as detailed below. One day, I hope to find the pure esthetics of biology and reach its luminous summits.



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