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The Karate Kid

片名:The Karate Kid

导演:哈罗德•兹瓦特(Harald Zwart)

主演:成龙(Jackie Chan)
          贾登•史密斯(Jaden Smith)
          塔拉吉•汉森(Taraji P. Henson)
          韩文文(Wenwen Han)
          王振威(Zhenwei Wang)



 The Story



When his mother gets a job transfer from Detroit to China, 12-year-old Dre's (Jaden Smith) life changes big time. His mother sees their new life as a new adventure, but for Dre, adapting to a new culture and learning a foreign language are just the beginning of his troubles. In a land where Kung Fu training begins young, Dre is unfortunate enough to make fast enemies out of a gang of local, highly trained bullies. Dre's friendship with his beautiful classmate Mei Ying (Wenwen Han) sets the bullies off, but they don't need any provocation from there. 12岁的德瑞(贾登•史密斯 饰)跟随母亲工作调动从底特律来到中国,他的生活从此发生了巨大改变。妈妈把他们的新生活看作一段全新的历程,但对德瑞来说,适应陌生的文化和学习新的语言只是一系列麻烦的开始。在中国这片土地上,很多孩子从小就开始学习功夫。德瑞刚来不久就不幸与当地一伙小霸王结怨。这群孩子受过系统武术训练,喜欢招惹是非。德瑞与漂亮的同班同学梅英(韩文文 饰)之间的友谊更是激怒了他们。 
In an altercation with the boys, Dre is about to get seriously hurt when maintenance man Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) steps in and shows some Kung Fu skill of a whole new level. He helps Dre get out of trouble with the boys, and agrees to train Dre in the ancient art of Kung Fu, but Dre has to agree to fight the bullies in an upcoming tournament. Under the unique and unorthodox guidance of Mr. Han, Dre learns well, and his chances in the tournament actually look pretty good. Unfortunately, his enemies do not play by the rules, and Dre is forced to go to extraordinary lengths in order to find his place in his new home. 在一次争执中,德瑞险些被重伤;这时,修理工韩先生(成龙 饰)插手了孩子们之间的冲突,展示了全新的功夫水平。他帮助德瑞摆脱了小霸王们的欺侮,还答应德瑞教会他功夫这门古老的艺术;但是德瑞必须同意参加一个即将举办的功夫比赛,与那伙恃强凌弱的孩子对决。韩先生的教导方式独辟蹊径,脱离正统,德瑞进展神速,很有希望在比赛中获胜。然而,他的对手们可不按照规矩来,为了在新的家园给自己争得“一席之地”,德瑞不得不竭尽全力。
Functioning in the famous Mr. Miyagi role is Jackie Chan legendary martial arts star, humanitarian, and real-life hero to millions. But his fans might be surprised to find out that Chan was actually a bully himself in his younger days. 在新版《功夫梦》中,成龙扮演的是原版里宫城先生这一角色。作为一位颇具传奇性的功夫明星和慈善家,在百万观众的心目中,成龙就是现实生活中的英雄。然而,影迷们也许会大吃一惊,成龙在很小的时候也是一个爱欺负人的孩子。
Jackie Chan said, "I bullied somebody. This is why, I was a very naughty boy, so my father dumped me in the martial arts school. After I learned martial arts, then I realized that when you have strength, you have to help people. Not bully somebody. So this is why I do so many charities. The more you have strength, you have to help people."


(China.org.cn 李潇 译)

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