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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

片名:The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
导演:大卫•斯雷德(David Slade)
作者:斯蒂芬妮•梅耶(Stephenie Meyer)
编剧:梅莉莎•罗森伯格(Melissa Rosenberg)
主演:克里斯汀•斯图尔特(Kristen Stewart)
           罗伯特•帕丁森(Robert Pattinson)
           泰勒•洛特纳(Taylor Lautner)
           阿什丽•格林尼(Ashley Greene)
          (Bryce Dallas Howard)


 The Story



It took three films, but The Twilight Saga finally nails just the right tone in Eclipse, a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer's novels with the movies' supernatural trappings. 《暮光之城》系列一直拍到第三部《月食》才终于定准了基调。在这部影片中,斯蒂芬妮•梅耶原著里少年歌剧般的热恋情怀与电影的超现实风格巧妙地取得了平衡。
Where the first film leaned heavily on camp and the second faltered through caution and slickness, Eclipse moves confidently into the heart of the matter -- a love triangle that causes a young woman to realize choices lead to consequences that cannot be reversed. 该系列的第一部《暮色》侧重于表现阵营之间的对峙;而第二部《新月》则拍得扭扭捏捏,华而不实。基于前两部的铺垫,《月食》大胆地抓住了故事的本质——陷入三角恋情的年轻女孩意识到不同的选择将导致不可逆转的结局。
Bella's (Kristen Stewart) ready to give up living and breathing for an eternity with Edward (Robert Pattinson), Edward's still not convinced Bella's making the right decision, and Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) positive Bella's not thinking straight as the action of Eclipse kicks off. And while all teen vampire/werewolf/human love triangle stuff is keeping the threesome occupied in Forks, nearby Seattle's been hit by what appears to be a ruthless serial killer. The Cullens shortly figure out that it's actually an army of newborn vampires on the prowl. Who created them and for what purpose -- those are the important questions the Cullens need to figure out. It doesn't take them long to determine vampires are behind all the dead people turning up in Seattle. They can't just sit back and let innocent people die -- and let the Seattle killings draw the Volturi close to Forks -- so they plan a roadtrip to the city to see if they can take care of the situation. 在影片的开头,贝拉(克里斯汀•斯图尔特 饰)为了与爱德华(罗伯特•帕丁森 饰)永生永世在一起,准备放弃人类的身份,转变成长生不死的吸血鬼;爱德华始终对贝拉的决定犹豫不决;而雅各布(泰勒•洛特纳 饰)则坚信贝拉只是一时头脑发热。正当吸血鬼、狼人少年和人类少女在福克斯小镇深陷三角恋情而彼此纠缠不清时, 附近的西雅图城遭到了一系列貌似冷血连环杀手的袭击。库伦家族很快查明,所谓连环杀手的真面目其实是一群潜行在暗处的新生吸血鬼。谁创造了这些吸血鬼?目的何在?——这些都是库伦家族需要解决的关键问题。他们很快断定吸血鬼就是西雅图一系列杀人事件的幕后真凶。无辜的人们正在死去,他们无法袖手旁观;同时他们也担心发生在西雅图的疯狂杀戮会将吸血鬼皇族沃尔图里家族的成员吸引到福克斯镇来。因此他们计划驱车前往西雅图,看看能否控制事态的发展。
However, a roadtrip becomes unnecessary when Alice (Ashley Greene) peers into the future and sees the newborns will be coming to Forks in just a few days time. The short notice worries the vegetarian vampires, as does the sheer size of the newborn army, but an unlikely ally turns up in the form of the wolf pack. Jacob offers up the wolves' help and while this isn't something Edward particularly wants -- why give Jacob another reason to hang out with Bella? -- it's the only logical solution. After all, if you were forced into battle against out-of-control crazy new vampires with superhero strength, wishing to come out of the fight without losing a few members of your vampire family, wouldn't you turn to the neighborhood werewolves for help?

然而,这样的行程根本没必要,因为爱丽丝(阿什丽•格林尼 饰)窥探未来时发现新生吸血鬼大军几天后就会来到福克斯镇。时间紧迫,敌众我寡,信奉“素食主义”的吸血鬼们焦虑万分。这时,狼人们却成了意料之外的同盟。雅各布代表狼人家族伸出援手。尽管爱德华并不欣赏这一举动(干吗让雅各布有更多的理由待在贝拉身边),但这是唯一合理的解决办法。无论如何,如果你不得不对抗一伙失去控制、力大无穷的疯狂新生吸血鬼,又不希望在战斗中失去家族的同伴,怎能不向狼人邻居们求助呢?

(China.org.cn 李潇 译)

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